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took us on a wild ride this season.  Adding a psychological element gave it more depth and adds more meat to the next season.  Noah (Dominic West) seems OK, for the moment, but I am looking forward to understanding how he got to that point.

Last week’s episode ended with Noah cutting his neck, fully aware that he, not Gunther (Brendan Fraser), was doing it. In the season finale, he’s in Paris getting his groove back with Juliette (Irene Jacob). How did this happen?

Clearly, there is a chunk of time that has passed but hasn’t been witnessed by us viewers.  From what I remember, Noah wasn’t feeling Juliette that much, and now, he’s in Paris living it up with her.  While it’s nice to see Noah being nice to a lady, I am curious to know how those two got so cozy.  They look great together, and Noah really seems to like her. This is definitely a first.  He’s actually dating someone with no man.  Wait…not true.  Juliette is married to a man with Alzheimer’s.  She’s back in Paris to be closer to him while the disease take its toll.  Noah is fully aware of this, and while it may sound cold to be cheating on a man with a debilitating disease, it’s not.  Maybe selfish, but not cold.  Can you imagine being married to someone you didn’t love and who didn’t love you and s/he gets that disease?  You’d cheat, too.


Seeing things from Juliette’s perspective is eye-opening.  I am able to sympathize with her, but I am annoyed that she has a point of view.  She’s not a key player in “The Affair.”  Or is she?  If she is, then I have no idea how.  That chunk of time that this episode left out could have answered that question, but without it, I am perplexed at how her eyes are important to see through in the grand scheme of things.

Someone who we should see perspectives from are Noah’s kids.  Noah stumbles upon Whitney’s weird ass boyfriend’s vagina photography exhibit in Paris.  Of all places!  He sees Whitney get smacked by him. She attempts to justify it, and like a man, Noah apologizes for not protecting her from men like him. Basically, he really screwed up as a dad, but he’s learning.  It would have been nice to see what that talk was like from Whitney’s POV.  Did she feel like he was sincere?  Is she glad that they have a cordial relationship now?  Does she really feel good about leaving her old, weird ass boyfriend?  From Noah’s POV, it seems like all those answers are “yes”.  But we can’t be sure.  As this show has taught us, perspectives are completely subjective.  Doesn’t necessarily mean people lie through what they remember, but it proves that no one sees the same things in the same ways.

Whitney is a young adult in a relationship with a 50-something year old man named Fuhrkat (pronounced “Fur Cat”).  She has issues.  Of course, they stem from her childhood, but her POV would add even greater depth to how she was effected by the affair.  It seems that with Noah giving her voice validity, her POV could be introduced in the next season.

Dominic West as Noah Solloway and Irene Jacob as Juliette in The Affair (season 3, episode 10). - Photo: Bruno Calvo/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: TheAffair_310_1201

And in the end, what will happen to Noah?  At the end of the episode, the cab driver asks him, “Now, where to?”  Noah has no home.  No Helen (Maura Tierney).  No Alison (Ruth Wilson).  Not even Juliette (at the moment).  He is so used to having a woman in his corner or a place to lay his head.  He’s like a nomad now with all his bearings.  Will he find another path that leads him the wrong way or is he in recovery from self-destruction?

I’d like to end this recap by saying that I am truly happy that Helen humbled herself and got that fine Dr. Vic (Omar Metwally) back.  He’s a good man, he loves the heck out of Helen and everything that comes with her.  She deserves that (although she’s a basket case, too).  It’s nice to see someone finding romantic happiness in this web of dysfunction.

Until next season!


Season 3, Episode 10 (S03E10)
The Affair airs Sunday at 9PM on Showtime

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