THE AMERICANS Review: “The World Council of Churches”


THE AMERICANS offer Pastor Tim a new dream with “The World Council of Churches.” Pastor Tim tells Paige how excited he is to move Alice and his new daughter to South America where he did his graduate work. Paige is glad to hear and gets her first full night of sleep in months. She thinks it’s amazing the Russians can make such a beautiful arrangement for people of peace. Meanwhile, she continues her Liz-fu training in the garage.

Philip and Elizabeth tell Claudia they’re thinking about returning to the Union and she says she’ll inform the Centre. Claudia doesn’t seem upset or try to talk them out of it, she confides that agents usually feel the right time to return home. Philip is most concerned about how Paige and Henry will deal with the change. Philip and Elizabeth ask Pastor Tim what he thinks about moving the kids to Russia, but he doesn’t have any valid advice. Teenagers don’t handle change well, that’s no big revelation but he reminds them that in a few years, Paige and Henry will be adults and Philip and Elizabeth won’t be able to make the decision for them anymore. That is a valid point. Paige will be okay but Henry already wants to do his own thing and he’s been spending more time with Stan that Philip.


Sofia springs a surprise on Stan and Aderholt when she arrives at her next debrief with Yuri, her new fiancé. Yuri, the former national team hockey star and government currier, confesses Sofia told him all about her arrangement with the FBI. This is a great scene. Sofia is so innocent. Stan and Aderholt pitched her a dream and now she thinks she’s living it. Fresh dental work will change your whole outlook on life, people appreciate that kind of care. Sofia tells them she plans to marry Yuri, he’s a good man, loves her and her son. Stan and Aderholt are caught off guard, but they play it cool. Yuri assures them they’re on the same team, they all want Sofia to succeed, they want her safe. Yuri says Sofia is too shy to ask, but since her work is dangerous they want the FBI to consider upping her pay from $500 to $700 a month. Yuri says he can help them too.

This whole situation feels too good to be true. Stan and Aderholt update agent Wolfe on the new . Stan fears Yuri’s a KGB operative and thinks Sofia may be in more danger than any of them know. Agent Wolfe tells them to relax for now and see how things unfold. They knew this operation could scribble outside the lines of counterintelligence comfort.


Oleg gets called to the PGU Headquarters for another probing interview about his operations in the United States. They ask about his working and intimate relationship with Tatiana. They asks if he ever heard anything about William Crandall. They want to connect Stan to Tatiana to Oleg to explain how the FBI knew to grab William as he was escaping with the virus. Oleg stays cool as the other side of the pillow; they get nothing from him.

Oleg and Ruslan’s food distribution corruption case starts making arrests. The prosecutors have Oleg’s first informant arrested. He appeals to his boss on her behalf, she helped them out and was the least corrupt of the ring involved. Ekaterina was just trying to keep her and do what was best for her actual market customers. Oleg’s boss convinces the prosecutor to let her go. Oleg sees this as a minor win. Meanwhile, his heart breaks as he sees the country he loves suffer the strain of massive corruption and oppressive injustice. This is still Russia we’re talking about.

Philip’s love child Mischa works in a steamy factory where they treat him as decent as anyone else. His foreman tells him there is a visitor waiting to talk with him.  Philip’s actual brother, Pyotr, invites Mischa over for dinner to meet his aunt and cousin. Uncle Pyotr is a decent man and offers Mischa instant acceptance. These are the kind of people I’d like to see reach out to Philip’s mission wife, Martha.


The final bit of business involves Philip’s mission son, Tuan. Elizabeth confides their current operation with the Morozov’s isn’t working like they need. Pasha continues to get tortured at school, recently he comes home with a black eye. Tuan watched him take the beating. Mrs. Morozov wants to take him back to Russia but Alexei still isn’t convinced. Tuan takes matters into his own grim hands and sends Pasha into a whole new horror story. Tuan tells Pasha how to slice his wrists so he’ll bleed out slowest. He helps Pasha write a suicide note and tells him to start the cutting at 7P.M. He’ll bleed for a while but then his parents will find him in time to get him to the hospital. Tuan’s sure they all return to Russia after suicide attempt and he’s certain they’ll return if Pasha dies. Philip fears Pasha will kill himself for real and they all rush to the Morozov’s when no one answers the phone. Tuan is confused why they are concerned about Pasha, he thought the parents were the mission.

Tuan, points for initiative but too far man. One more episode to wrap all this season five drama, time for Elizabeth to delete just one more obstacle.

Season 5, Episode 12 (S05E12)
The Americans  airs Tuesdays at 10PM on FX

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