“The Big Sick” Director Michael Showalter Takes on “The Last Ride of Cowboy Bob” for Fox Searchlight


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Having directed Kumail Nanjiani’s The Big Sick, one of this year’s Sundance faves that’s been doing very well in theaters, director has come a long way from when he was a member of the ensemble comedy group, The State.

The Big Sick has made Showalter an in-demand director, and sure enough, he’s just been attached to direct THE LAST RIDE OF COWBOY BOB for , the Tracking Board confirms.

The contemporary Western follows the crimes of Peggy Jo Tallas, a Texas bank robber in the ’90s who dressed up as a man using elaborate disguises while robbing banks. It’s based on Skip Hollandsworth’s 2005 Texas Monthly article about Peggy Jo’s crimes, which were pinned on a man named “Cowboy Bob.”

The movie looks like it will have both comedic and dramatic touches, similar to Taylor Sheridan’s Hell or High Water, and will be financing the project.Riva Marker and Jake Gyllenhaal will produce the film through their company Nine Stories.

A few years back, Showalter directed Sally Field in another acclaimed comedy, Hello, My Name is Doris, but The Big Sick has been a huge boon as the summer’s most successful indie film, having grossed over $40 million so far. Showalter was previously a member of the State and Stella comedy groups along with David Wain. He also co-wrote and starred in Wet Hot American Summer, the 2001 comedy that has spawned two Netflix series.

Showalter is repped by and along with .

Variety first reported on this attachment.

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