Just in time for Halloweeen, The 2010 Blood List!

The Blood List, created by manager Kailey Marsh, features the most-liked unproduced screenplays in the horror, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, and dark comedy/drama genres, as voted on by Kailey Marsh and friends.


1. by
A series of brutal murders begins in Darfur, then spreads to a small village in the Congo (DRC). A woman doctor – an aid volunteer – teams up with a UN military unit to track down the killers. The trail leads deep into the African rain forests, where the unit soon discovers that the people they’re after seem to be “more than human”. It has a tone similar to PREDATORS and ALIENS with an underlying social message.

2. by
Story centers on a man, who is the last witch hunter left in a world overrun by Witches, and who has one shot at keeping humanity from being wiped out.

3. by and
An insecure woman becomes addicted to plastic surgery after marrying a well-intentioned surgeon. When a procedure goes horribly wrong, she slips into madness. Blaming the surgeon and his friends, she takes gruesome revenge.

4. HELL’S ACRE by &
The true story of “The Bloody Benders” – a family of twisted and perverse German immigrants who confined and butchered nearly two dozen people over three months in their cabin lair just outside of Cherryvale, Kansas before they mysteriously disappeared. Pitched as “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Halloween” with a dash of “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

5. by
A family going through a painful divorce is further challenged when their youngest daughter brings home an antique doll that contains a vengeful spirit. The broken family is compelled to band together when the daughter’s well-being is threatened by the spirit that is bent on having her as a “friend” even unto death.

6. by &
Suburban teenage misfits out for a wild night in Hollywood throw a bottle at a car and provoke the wrath of a faceless psycho who hunts them down through the urban sprawl of .

7. by &
A group of people try to solve the mystery of how they survived the end of the world.

8. by
Two cops are the release of a new street drug call Eight Ball, which is a thousand times more potent than heroin. However, this drug could destroy mankind if it is not stopped from being spread. It is in the vein of 28 DAYS LATER with elements of RESIDENT EVIL and potential for two more films.

9. by
After a young man sends his wife for an experimental treatment to save her from terminal illness, he discovers that she is suddenly infected with something more terrifying.

10. CHRONICLE by Max Landis
A POV film about what happens to a group of 3 Oregon high school students after a mysterious “incident” changes their lives forever — think “Cloverfield” meets “Unbreakable”.


by &
A horror-comedy, in the vein of an Amblin movie.

by Kai Y. Wu
A supernatural horror about an American family that visits Taiwan during lunar ghost month, a time when the dead are able to walk the earth among the living. “The Grudge” meets “The Others.”

by aka
An 18 yr old girl must sort out the truth about her sinister but charismatic uncle, who has been absent for the past 30 years and arrives suddenly on the eve of her father’s death.

by &
An increase of mysterious and often fatal incidents around a remote lodge and national park high in the Cascades have the quirky owners and park rangers struggling for explanations.

by (based on the novel by Shirley Jackson)
An isolated family, which has lost four members to arsenic poisoning, is visited by a distant cousin who threatens to uncover their past.


Four early 20 somethings on a lighthearted camping weekend to scout Bigfoot find themselves in deeper than they bargained for, discovering more about themselves and what is lurking in the woods

by &
Suspense horror/thriller in the vein of “Scream.” A young blind woman survives a horrific robbery that leaves her parents dead, only to suspect that the killer is still stalking her… and that his motives are much darker than greed.

SALVAGERS by Francisca Hu

by &
Pitched as a smart teen thriller in the vein of “Carrie.”


by Mark L. Smith
Follows a young police photographer who becomes targeted by a killer who punishes his victims in the same manner as the Greek gods.



by Greg Maclean

Story based on true events that occurred in Wisconsin in the 1990’s.


When a college student witnesses a murder during an anonymous video chat, the freshman becomes another link in the chain for an online serial predator

by Mike O’Sullivan

After a car accident results in brain trauma for Taylor Swanson, causing a disorder in which everyone she sees has the same face, her dreams for a normal life are shattered when she must rise above her disability to survive a murderous stalker’s obsession.


Set in India, the story centers on a virus that turns people into Vampire-like creatures.

Follows a vengeance-fueled dentist hell-bent on going after the group of vampires that killed his wife.

A young couple discover something sinister in a small fishing town.

A girl with a rough upbringing is visited by an angel-like being, out to defend her against those who wrong her, even against her own family and friends.

An investment banker finds an audio cassette detailing a conspiracy between the government and aliens to breed with human chromosomes.

An ambitious young chef ventures into the terrifying underbelly of extreme cuisine.

Story centers on an existentially tormented zombie who begins an unlikely friendship with the girlfriend of one of his victims and starts a chain reaction that will transform him and his fellow zombies.



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  2. Specter Lodge Logline: An increase of mysterious and often fatal incidents around a remote lodge and national park high in the Cascades have the quirky owners and park rangers struggling for explanations.

  3. SHELL Logline: A high-school outcast finds her life turned upside down, when an experimental plastic surgery transforms her into the most popular girl in school. But when the untested treatments begin to fail her, the new goddess goes to horrific lengths to try and keep her perfect face.

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