“The Crown” Season 2 Trailer: The Royals Face New Friends and New Obstacles (Video)


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s marital woes are on full display in the first trailer for Season 2 of ’s .

The first footage from the second season of the Claire Foy-led period drama focuses heavily on the monarchy as Britain recovers post World War II and how domestic issues in any normal marriage could spell doom for the entire British monarchy when the couple in question is Queen Elizabeth (Foy) and Prince Phillip (Matt Smith).

Season 2, which takes the Queen’s story into the 1960s, will be Foy’s final act as the reluctant ruler.

In Season 3, Olivia Colman will take over the role of Queen Elizabeth and continue her journey into her 60s.

Creator and executive producer Peter Morgan planned the ambitious series to last six seasons, with ten episodes in each season.

Foy was nominated for an Emmy for Best Actress for the role, ultimately losing out to Elisabeth Moss for The Handmaid’s Tale.

Judging by the footage of Season 2, we’ll also see more of Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret and her romance with Matthew Goode’s Lord Snowden, who she has a tumultuous marriage with.

The Crown returns on Friday, December 8 on . Watch the trailer below.



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