The Exec Shuffle – The Blotter Recap (02.16.18)



WAS: Agent | ICM
NOW: Comedy/Concert Partner | ICM

WAS: Chief Marketing Officer | A+E
NOW: N/A | Harrods

WAS: Agent | ICM
NOW: Comedy Partner | ICM

WAS: Co-head | Paper Kite
NOW: President of Original Programming | Jax Media

WAS: Managing Partner | Latham & Watkin’s
NOW: Chief Operating Officer | Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

WAS: General Manager & Motion Picture Group President | DMG

WAS: Agent | Partner
NOW: Literary Partner | ICM

WAS: VP & Global Head of Sales | Snap

WAS: SVP | Legendary
NOW: EVP of Production & Development | Invisible Ink

WAS: Producer | Imperative Entertainment
NOW: President of | Automatik

WAS: Agent | ICM
NOW: Lit Partner | ICM

WAS: Agent | ICM
NOW: Physical Production | ICM

WAS: Head of | NBC
NOW: Co-President of Scripted Programming | NBC

WAS: VP of Global Publicity | Disney
NOW: EVP of Marketing Communications | Paramount Pictures

WAS: Chief Financial Officer | Amblin Partners
NOW: Chief Financial Officer | United Talent Agency

WAS: Director of Public Engagement | Institute of Contemporary Art
NOW: | Array Alliance

WAS: Partner |
NOW: Co-Head of Talent |

WAS: Agent | ICM
NOW: Concerts/ International | ICM

WAS:  EVP Scripted Marketing & Communications | Warner Bros
NOW: Director of Publicity | Amazon

NOW: Vice President | ARRAY Releasing

WAS: SVP Production & | The Company
NOW: President | The Company

WAS: Head of Comedy | NBC
NOW: Co-President of Scripted Programming | NBC


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