THE FAMILY Review: “Sweet Jane”



Airtime: Sundays at 9PM on ABC
Episode: Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)


Tweetable Takeaway: Terrible choices and implausible subplots abound on #TheFamily  

This week’s episode of featured almost every character making a terrible decision, which shouldn’t be surprising at this point. Willa leaks explicit texts between her father and Detective Meyer in order to be in control of a scandal, as the governor’s wife is threatening to leak pictures of Claire drinking and driving from her meltdown last week. Willa clearly went to the Frank Underwood school of politics. But most frustratingly of all, the police continue to be the most incompetent group of people on Earth, with Agent Clements making a Detective Meyer-level bad decision.

Yes, Agent Clements is beaten to death with a pan by Jane after he goes to question her alone, sans partner, and seemingly without telling anyone where he went. This is after Detective Meyer questioned Jane at the police department, where she gave her information about the suspect without even asking her about the men in her life, even though she clearly has one, as she’s obviously pregnant! I’m going to miss Agent Clements. He was often a welcome voice of reason, but I guess the local police’s incompetence rubbed off on him.

Meanwhile, Detective Meyer follows Ben, who sneaks out at night, taking the bus and using the key he kept hidden in the underground bunker to enter a large house, which seems to have a well-fed dog and plenty of family photos, but no humans living there, which is confusing. How is that possible? Or if there are actual people living there, how do they not notice someone breaking in night after night? It’s unclear whether or not Detective Meyer actually sees him entering the house. My guess is that this is his former foster home?

Danny wants back with Bridey, but Bridey is still hooking up with Willa. Maybe I’d care about this storyline more if Danny had any discernable personality traits besides being drunk and Bridey wasn’t the worst person ever. Episode ten is titled “Fun Ways to Tell Boyfriend You’re Pregnant.” This could be referring to any number of things, but if somehow Bridey is pregnant with Danny’s baby, I might quit the show.

In flashbacks, we see Claire find out online that Hank is a registered sex offender, a fact that his own mother somehow didn’t know. In present day, Hank tells Claire to watch her son. He knows that Ben’s been sneaking out at night. It was hard to concentrate on this scene, as it featured a horribly obvious use of green screen. Apparently the ocean is right outside Claire’s front porch now, for the first time ever.


Google doesn’t seem to work in some parts of Maine, as a real estate agent who comes to appraise Hank’s house seems to have no idea that he’s Hank Asher, famous local sex offender whose face has been plastered all over the local news multiple times. In a flashback, we learn that Mrs. Asher, Hank’s mom, eventually came to terms with the fact that her son is a pedophile, but didn’t do anything about it, just decided to keep him away from children. Terrible decision.

Claire goes back and forth on the issue of whether or not to keep Ben or send him away, eventually deciding to keep him around because he can tell her stories about the real Adam. Another terrible decision. Get the stories out of him, then get rid of him! He’s impersonating your dead son!

The episode ends with Doug arriving at Hank’s house. Hank called him, as apparently they know each other. Sure. I guess horrible people stick together? Hopefully next week, the show deals with the aftermath of Jane killing a person and becoming complicit with Doug’s horrendous crimes, but knowing The Family, the police probably won’t be able to close the case. RIP Agent Clements.



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