THE FAMILY Review: “What Took So Long”



Airtime: Sundays at 9PM on ABC
Episode: Season 1, Episode 12 (S01E12)


Tweetable Takeaway: #TheFamily concludes its series run with yet another implausible cliffhanger.  

ABC announced earlier this week that would not be returning for a second season, so this week’s season finale would also serve as series finale. And, of course, it ends with two cliffhangers, never to be explored further. A frustrating end to a frustrating series that squandered its early potential and mostly wasted its promising cast.

The biggest reveal? Adam is alive! This should be shocking, but because The Family has consistently introduced implausible plot developments in attempts to one-up the previous week’s reveal, it was predictable. Three months ago, Adam attemped to escape the bunker by strangling Doug with his chains, but since Ben just sat there staring instead of helping, Doug overpowers Adam and knocks him out. He suffers a massive head wound, but in present day he’s apparently been in cahoots with Jane, working to bring Doug down. He shoots Doug in the crotch before driving off with Jane and the baby, calling his house from a pay phone. He’s pissed at Ben for stealing his family, but why didn’t he just go back right away? What did Doug think happened to him? We’ll never know!


The other late episode reveal is that Bridey is dead, presumably murdered by Willa. It’s probably wrong to be excited for a character’s death, but hooray!! She was definitely my least favorite character, although Jane was giving her a run for her money in the past couple of episodes. She was a loathsome person with no standards of integrity or personal ethics. However, her article might still be published, as she delivered the story to her editor before her untimely death. Once again, we’ll never know.

Claire spent the majority of the episode in the bunker talking with an imaginary ten-year-old Adam, alternating between anger and sadness. It was sort of ridiculous, but Joan Allen is such a good actress that she sold it completely. Too bad this show didn’t give her much to do. Speaking of characters with nothing to do, John really served no purpose in this story except to cheat on Claire. The only thing he does in this episode is have a beer with Hank to celebrate Doug’s capture.

Let’s talk about Hank. I’m still not sure why he was included in this show at all, as his storylines really served no purpose. This week, he gets a young boy in his car by accepting his request for a ride, but decides not to molest him, even though he clearly wanted to. Good ? He then compares pedophile’s desire for children to a normal person’s craving for chocolate, which is both gross and wrong.


Detective Meyer finished her streak of being the worst cop on television by only solving the mystery of Agent Clement’s disappearance after getting a hint from the ladies on The View. Last week, she found some dirt Doug left behind, which apparently only comes from a specific spot in the woods. After someone on The View brought up that Adam was kept in a dungeon, she decides to look for places with cellars/basements. Because this show doesn’t trust it’s viewers to draw their own conclusions, the words “dungeon” echoed over and over again like it was some incredibly complex reveal.

She searches the woods, but hears a gunshot. When she finally arrives on scene, she finds Doug, bleeding from his crotch. Jane has disappeared. The only problem here is that Agent Clements never saw Doug’s face, so he can’t put him away for the crime. Luckily, if that’s the right word, Detective Meyer finds the remains of a teenage boy on Doug’s property (still not Adam), so he’s going to jail no matter what.

Ben finally tells Danny that he isn’t Adam, but it seems like John still doesn’t know. And that’s the end of our The Family recaps. Thanks for reading, even if the show wasn’t worth sticking with. We’ll never really know what went down in that bunker, but at least we’ll never have to see Bridey again!



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