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It seems as if magic is making a resurgence these days. People love Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, the Now You See Me franchise is viable if not lacking a brain, and ABC airs David Blaine’s specials that bring in big ratings (I’m convinced he’s a demon). And I get it, as you can do so much with magic visually, not to mention the set pieces it can create. This week THE FLASH tries its hand at magic using one of the titular hero’s less known villains in his rogues gallery. Guest star David Dastmalchian brings Abra Kadabra to life with aplomb. With Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) in tow, Team Flash is put through the ringer.

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Earth-19 menace Abra Kadabra makes his way to Earth-1 to steal components for Eobard Thawne’s time machine so he can return to his time. However, in the process, he is killing innocent people. Gypsy arrives to collect him for herself for crimes he’s committed on Earth-19. As they come to odds with Gypsy, the team needs Abra Kadabra to find out Savitar’s identity. But Gypsy has her own vendetta to settle with Abra Kadabra as well.

Look, we’ll get to that big stinger at the episode’s end. It was the longest in the show’s history and might be one of the best scenes the show has ever had thus far. But, I do like the moral quandary the team and Gyspy found themselves in this week. Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) loves his kids and Barry unconditionally, so it makes sense that he would be the one to make things fall apart in this episode. What I love about this show is that even in the villain of the week episodes like this, there is still consequences for everyone’s actions that have repercussions for the overall Arrowverse at large. In fact, I’d argue that The Flash is the centerpiece show for this continuity. So, with that in mind, Joe freeing Abra Kadabra to find out Savitar’s identity was stupid. Even more so now, as he is directly responsible for the episode’s biggest moment which occurs in that aforementioned stinger.


With Gyspy, it was heartbreaking seeing how conflicted she was on bringing Abra Kadabra to justice for killing her lover and crime fighting partner but also making sure Team Flash gets to learn Savitar’s true identity to save Iris (Candice Patton). Cisco (Carlos Valdes) himself is heartbroken when Gypsy won’t let them get Savitar’s true identity from Abra Kadabra in order to help save his friend’s life. Cisco and Gypsy have strong feelings for each other and now it looks like that relationship will be put on pause or may never even happen.

Abra Kadabra was the villain I like to see and something they’ve done well with (almost) all the villains this season. That is to not only are formidable physically but also intellectually. He knows everything about Savitar (he’s the first speedster to exist ever!) and just how much Barry is destined to fight him. The last set piece of the show with Gypsy and Team Flash have a cool game of catch Abra Kadabra as he uses the time machine to fly through Central City to a portal to his time. Barry being fast enough and using his phasing powers in the coolest ways possible was one of the best climaxes the show has done so far. David Dastmalchian plays his last scene so well with Barry begging him to reveal Savitar’s identity. Abra reveals that in the future that him and Barry are the huge adversaries. He’s always been jealous of Savitar as he truly broke him, but now it feels like he gets to kill Iris too. That was one of the coldest reveals I’ve ever heard in a while. It was a scene that shook everyone to their core. Even the cold-hearted Gypsy. Hats off to David for delivering those lines perfectly so hit with the proper impact they needed and boy do they hit.


During Abra Kadabra’s escape from S.T.A.R. Labs, he critical injured Catlin (Danielle Panabaker) leaving her with pieces of shrapnel in her abdomen. Julian (Tom Felton) who is still upset at her for lying to him. However, that all went out the window as his love for her reemerges. The team couldn’t take her to the hospital as she’s still a meta responsible for crimes. Julian manages to successfully operate on her. However, in the stinger, she goes into shock and dies. As Cisco, Julian, and just returned H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) try desperately to revive her, she dies. However, Julian rips off her necklace blocking her powers as well as her Killer Frost alter-ego to which Cisco tells him not to as that is not what she wanted. But it’s too late she revived as Killer Frost in a huge cliffhanger. Guys not only was this scene well-acted but is a major turning point in the show. I have no idea how they’re gonna play this. If Miss Panabaker is truly Killer Frost for the rest of the show’s run then my hats off to the showrunners cause killing Caitlin and possibly Iris in the same season might be the boldest move on a show right now not called Game of Thrones.


Seriously, this is Buffy the Vampire Slayer levels of moving the show forward. Aside from the crossover last week, I have no idea what’s going to happen. A feeling I’ve had since episode fifteen “The Wrath of Savitar”. The showrunners are on one this season and even as one of the slightly weaker villain of the week episodes, they still manage to make this have a kick to it. It was easy to “Abra Kadabra” be another filler episode and instead, I’m sitting here in speechless at what they pulled off as this episode has arcs for many of our heroes who now seem more dejected than ever. April 25th is too long of a wait.

Will Barry’s trip to the future provide the answers everyone desperately seeks? Is Catlin Snow really dead? Who is H.R.’s new lady? And for Christ’s sake who is Savitar?! Stay tuned true believers and I’ll see you in a month’s time on April 25th!
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