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As the group celebrates Valentine’s Day on THE FLASH this week (What is with The CW and showing Valentine’s episodes so late?), they must deal with Grodd who has made his way to Earth-1 with an attack on Central City imminent. Despite, the cheesy first five minutes the second part of out two-part crossover manages to be a chess game of wits between Team Flash and Grodd as Barry (Grant Gustin) must face a moral decision head on asking himself how far is he willing to go to take down an enemy who is not only stronger and faster than he is, but much, much smarter as well.

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With Gyspy (Jessica Camacho) under Grodd’s mind control, Team Flash is attacked and overwhelmed by her. That is till Harry (Tom Cavanagh) uses one of his hand made guns to knock her out. With her regaining consciousness, the team, and her figure out that Grodd has already arrived on Earth-1. With time running out on an inevitable siege of Central City, the team is thrown curveball after curveball of dangerous distractions that can mean life or death for Central City and Barry’s loved ones as Grodd stays one step ahead at each turn. Barry feeling dejected and knowing that even if they managed to beat Grodd this time he’ll come back even stronger than before.

So, what made this second part stand out is this is the first time Barry had the face the moral dilemma of taking an enemy’s life. In the first season (and only good season) of Heroes, one of the protagonists Hiro Nakamura had to wrestle with the same dilemma of killing that show’s villain Sylar. His father had told him that a true hero knew when to take a life and when to spare it as killing is sometimes a hard but necessary choice in terms of not only saving the world but saving people as well. I thought this was the route Barry would take but Harry and Iris (Candace Patton) tell him that is not the way. And Harry from experience has said that that is the stupidest decision he could make. Harry tells Barry that there are other ways of taking down your enemies permanently without killing. They handled it as well as they could in a packed hour. This moral dilemma is part of what made Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy so good. This is something all superhero must face at some point or another. I just hope this dilemma comes up again in the future so they can explore it more and a tad better than what was done tonight. Not that what I’m saying was done bad, but it just better.


Harry lying to Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) and manipulating him into sending Jesse (Violett Beane) back with him to Earth-2 was really cold. Telling someone that you are dying is about as low as it gets, especially to keep two people in love apart for a selfish reason. Wally and Jesse make a nice couple. I’m pumped that we now have three speedsters on this show and they’re all capable heroes in their own right. It’s true Barry is the villain of the show as he keeps messing with timelines and if there was no Flash, they’re probably wouldn’t be all these villains week after week. But who knows for sure if that’s possible. Barry is learning from his mistakes plus as we saw on Earth-19 they have their own (cool looking) Flash and I hope if not in this season, that we can have every Flash across all Earths team up to take down a most powerful adversary.


Speaking of relationships, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) are ironing out their relationships. Cisco tells Caitlin not to keep Julian in the friend zone (he’s in London hence his absence). But Cisco’s budding romance with Gypsy is pivotal to defeating Grodd and while at times it was cheesy, Cisco is a smooth talker I’ll give him that. Convincing Gypsy to help was part of Barry’s plan in beating Grodd which was locating Solovar so he can fight Grodd and take the apes back to Gorilla City. By the episode’s Gypsy finally admits her feelings to Cisco, but states that he wouldn’t be able to handle her. Cold, but sexy.

With Godd locked up with Argus and Lila do you think he will escape? Did you think Harry was too harsh to H.R.? Will Wally be able to escape Salivar? And will the gorillas return even if Solovar and Barry have a truce? Stay tuned true believers.
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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8PM on The CW

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