THE GAME – Justin Jacobs (Launch Pad)

The Launch Pad Pilot Competition Presents…
Logline: With the promise of a technical revolution like none we’ve ever seen more than 200 video game fans are invited to take part if the largest virtual reality experience ever created. But, when the realities of the world are revealed, and the real world consequences start to take hold, the battle between what’s real and what’s not begin to blur.
Pitch: MR. ROBOT meets THE 100
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Why to Read: With a timely and instantly compelling premise, this pilot beautifully introduces you to a world you’ll feel safe and comfortable in just before it sweeps it out from under your feet. Driven by wonderfully vibrant visuals, and a diverse cast of characters, this is a series that not only toys with the worlds we will escape to in virtual reality, but it forces you to ask yourself who would you become inside of one. With a bevy of action, complex drama, and endless opportunities for entertainment, this pilot will play to a younger audience seeking the next zeitgeist-seizing sci-fi and characters to fall in love with just as much as it will to an older audience searching for a high-stakes drama, and a look into a world we’ve been promised since TRON.

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