THE GOLDBERGS Review: “Girl Talk”


It’s time to learn the secrets of marketing and women, on this week’s episode of The Goldbergs, “Girl Talk.” The show shows no signs of stopping its streak of really great episodes. This one is no different, pulling us in with some hilarious teenage boy attempts at understanding girls, and some funny family conflict between Murray and his brother.

I’m also a huge fan of the fact that Murray is getting utilized more in episode storylines this season. So far we’ve had at least three episodes where Murray was part of the main story arc, and that’s made each episode all the more fun and interesting, as Murray has been – until now – the least utilized character. Using him more has definitely helped make each episode plot feel more fresh, as the character pairings have been less frequently used, but ultimately, the show’s continued ability to create episode scenarios that don’t feel repetitive comes down to the talents of its , which this season are many.

This episode had a few genuine, laugh-out-loud moments, combined with a lot of endearing familial love. First, Murray enlists Adam to make a commercial for him, but Murray’s brother and Adam’s uncle, Marvin, has to do what Marvin does best – mess things up. Instead of the plain, boring, and awkward commercial Murray wants, Marvin tapes over Adam’s commercial with a commercial about the “Sofa Samurai,” which turns out to be a surprise hit. However, Murray and Pops don’t discover this until Murray and Marvin have already fallen out of sorts, and Marvin is fired/quits.

This actually also works in favor of the furniture store, which is fighting its competition, Mike, the Formica King, for business. That’s because, in an attempt to get back at Murray, Marvin goes to work for Mike. Unbeknownst to Mike, Marvin is a terribly employee, and Murray is not upset about Marvin working for the competition one bit. And, in the end, it works out for the best – as I said – because Marvin screws things up so badly that Mike has to close his store.

That, in combination with the success of the commercial, makes Murray realize that Marvin actually is useful, because all he wants is to be needed, and for once, he didn’t actually screw things up – he made things better.

Meanwhile, Barry is trying to woo a bleachers girl to be his new girlfriend, and, in an attempt to continue to be a part of her children’s lives as they grow older, Beverly tries to be Barry’s “Ladybro” instead of his mom, and help him win the girl. Except, she’s a little too good at helping him win the attention of this new girl, and when she discovers from Mr. Glascott that this girl Barry has just invited over to study has an attendance problem and spends all her time hanging out under the bleachers, Beverly turns back into full-mom mode and attempts to prevent Barry from looking like boyfriend material by showing her all of Barry’s baby pictures.

However, when she discovers that this girl is actually very smart, gets straight A’s, and helped Barry get a 98% on his test, Beverly realizes that she’s jumped to conclusions and let her momness get in the way of her ability to be a Ladybro. When she apologizes to Barry, he very maturely reminds her that he will always have room for his one and only mom in his life, and there’s a very sweet moment between them as Beverly yet again is reminded that her momness is actually her greatest strength, and very much appreciated by her children.

With this epiphany, Beverly uses her magic mom powers to help Barry woo the very smart bleachers girl. And all is well with the Goldbergs once again.


Season 5, Episode 6 (S05E06)
The Goldbergs airs Wednesdays at 8PM on ABC

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