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It’s another installment of the Erica and Geoff (not quite) love story on this week’s episode of , “So Swayze It’s Crazy.” The episode doesn’t quite bring the humor like last week’s, but in place of that we finally get another story involving Erica’s secret love for Geoff, a storyline we haven’t had the pleasure of revisiting since the Halloween episode of this year. And for any viewers invested in team Erica and Geoff, boy does the episode deliver. It’s practically an 80’s rom com.

But before we dive into the saga of Erica’s love life, Adam, inspired by R. D. Robb, a kid from his hometown who played a role in A Christmas Story, decides he wants to get into acting. Lucky for him, his mother has a connection to the town’s leading talent agent, the very woman who got R. D. Robb his role on A Christmas Story. But Beverly’s blinding love and support for Adam backfires when she refuses to accept the fact that Adam is a nerd, not leading man material.


Speaking of leading man material, Barry decides to try going punk when Lainey tells him she thinks punk is hot. He enlists the help of his friends and the loner punk kid at school in order to achieve the right look and attitude. Barry has a hard time not just being Barry, though, and his attempts to become a punk quickly spiral out of control. Before anyone realizes what’s happening, Barry goes from almost-punk to totally pirate. The transformation is actually pretty impressive.

While this is all happening, Murray realizes he doesn’t know a single thing about his daughter. When Erica calls him out on it, he attempts to remedy the matter by telling the kid he thinks is Geoff that Erica loves him. Unfortunately for Erica, it’s not Geoff at all, but Dave Kim. Much to her embarrassment, she discovers Murray’s mistake very publicly when Dave Kim chooses to serenade her in the cafeteria of the school during lunch time. When Erica realizes what Murray’s done, she gets even angrier at her father for not knowing anything about her. The ensuing confrontation makes Murray determined to actually learn something about his daughter, and he enlists Pops’s help to find out everything there is to know about Erica.

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While Murray is studying notecards, Beverly is determined to prove that Adam isn’t a nerd but a total Swayze, or at the very least, a Tom Cruise. She hires a photographer to make Adam look like a leading man in his headshots, but Adam’s insistence on using props from nerdy films is making the photographer’s a little difficult. With Beverly’s warped view of Adam, though, she’s convinced that the photos are exactly what’s needed. And she’s right, mostly. The photos are great, and Beverly’s talent agent friend thinks so, too – just not as a leading man. Definitely a nerd. When Adam hears this, and hears that he could have had the opportunity to audition of ‘Meatballs 2’ if Beverly had been willing to embrace Adam as a nerd-type, Adam gets angry at Beverly for refusing to accept anything less than what she wants, despite what Adam wants. The revelation, coming from Adam hits Beverly hard, but she comes around to his point of view and apologizes. In the sweetest, most supportive move, though, she tells Adam that she can’t call him a nerd because in her eyes, he’ll always be a leading man. But if the rest of the world sees him as a nerd, then to go out there and be the best nerd he can be. It’s really rather sweet.

Back on the Murray/Erica front, Murray is so proud of himself for taking the initiative to learn something about his daughter that he shows off his new-found knowledge-via-notecards to Erica. In response to her skepticism, he reads off little facts about her, and, in a move to prove that he now knows who Geoff is, he reads off the notecard about her being in love with Geoff. Only, Geoff is in the room and hears every word, as he’s trying to help Barry transform into a punk. Unsure what to do or how to respond because he’s still dating Evie, Geoff leaves. Later, when he asks his friends for advice on what to do, they tell him to go with his heart, which makes sense, because he does love Evie. Even Erica lets him off the hook, telling him not to pay any attention to her dad, who is kind of a kook and doesn’t know anything about her life. But despite all of these easy outs, Geoff chooses Erica, and the episode ends on the two finally, FINALLY, kissing. Such satisfaction.


Season 4, Episode 15 (S04E15)
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