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It’s good to be back in . There’s frozen yogurt, romance, and Janet: everything that we’d missed. The Good Place, though still very new, is one of those shows that feels comforting to come back to. Even though Eleanor’s time at the Good Place has been found out, and things have gotten more intense, the show remains an essential warm blanket kind of show, one that’s almost impossible to watch without smiling.

“Chidi’s Choice” picks up right after we left off, with Tahani finally figuring out that Jianyu is actually Jason and has been deceiving her for their entire time together. After a solid Fast and the Furious riff, Tahani’s illusions of Jianyu are all swept behind her. It leads to a realization that the person who really cared about her and was there for her was Chidi, and she just might be in love with him.

This revelation comes just seconds after Eleanor (our Eleanor, also known as Fake Eleanor) has had the same one about Chidi. Him being so kind to her and being surprisingly jacked leads to her realizing she’s in love with him. Real Eleanor, a good person above all else, encourages to Fake Eleanor to tell Chidi the truth, though Real Eleanor is his soulmate. Just like that she’s off, running to her weird clown house to tell Chidi that she is in love with him. And, seconds later, Tahani tells him the same.

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“Chidi’s Choice,” which the title heavily indicates, demonstrates that Chidi is simply terrible at making decisions. He can’t even choose whether to use a normal pen or a dry-erase pen. We find out in the flashbacks that his indecisions when tasked to be a best man literally kill him. He’s not great under pressure, to say the least. So, of course, when two different women confess their love for him one after the other, he does not handle it well at all, and goes into a essentially a frenzy. There is an excellent scene between him and Michael where frozen yogurts represents the three woman he has to choose between and it is not an easy choice.

While Chidi’s inner turmoil reigns, the most delightful part of the episode come with Eleanor (fake Eleanor) and Tahani coping with the fact that they both confessed their love to the same man in the same minute. Often times, when love triangles arise, there is a trope of the two women involved trying to place their friendship above the man, but ultimately failing and going back to the man. Eleanor and Tahani do the first part of this trope and try to put their friendship about Chidi, and it completely works. They watch a clip of a sadly fictional British show, “Diedre and Margaret,” and Eleanor puts extensions in Tahani’s hair. They watch Jason and Janet get married, the best C plot one could ever dream of. The two of them live their weirdly intersected afterlives together, and it’s incredibly enjoyable to watch.

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By the end of the episode, Tahani and Eleanor are even joined by real Eleanor, who just wanted to see how fake Eleanor is doing. She really is the best kind of person. When Chidi walks in to see all three of his potential romances together, he is about to make a choice, but the three women are more focused on something else. Tahani thinks she has a way to get Eleanor to stay in the Good Place, so they rush off to fix that, leaving Chidi alone and more confused than ever.

This ending worked very well in that it showed that maybe love triangles aren’t the be all end all of storylines. Eleanor and Tahani’s friendship has been a beautiful slow burn that a lot of shows would save for romances. Their pay off of was earned, as well as a great time, and we can only hope that Eleanor and Tahani will be the best friendship since Diedre and Margaret.


Season 1, Episode 10 (S01E10)
The Good Place airs Thursday at 830PM on NBC

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