With our 1st Annual Launch Pad Pilot Competition about to come to a close our inbox has been filled with requests from writer’s who “just need a little more time.”

We don’t want to be push overs, but with the holiday/new year spirit still keeping us warm and fuzzy inside, we have talked it over and decided to oblige those of you who need a few more days to put on the final polish to that pilot.

Therefore we have extended the submission dates by two weeks and you now have until Friday, January 31st at 5:00pm PST to enter your pilot under the “Last Minute Submission.”

And before you ask… we are NOT raising the prices for the extension.
(This is simply that – an extension)

For those of you who have already entered, don’t worry, this will not affect the announcement of our Semi-Finalists in February/March. We will be /working overtime in the office to get everything done and our finalists announced on schedule. After all, we are just as excited about this contest as you are! And we’re not the only one’s who are excited, our judging panel is just as eager to get their hands on the top 25.

In case you need a reminder, they are some of the key people and places behind these shows, just to name a few:

The Walking Dead, Lost, The Good Wife, The Goldbergs, Fringe, Alcatraz, House, Revolution, Person of Interest, Almost Human, Mockingbird Lane, and the upcoming series Extant.

And if you’ll recall, we also invited the top 2 individuals representing the most up & coming on the 2013 Young & Hungry List — Verve agents  and .

Unlike other contests out there, this isn’t a hopeful “someone from this company will read” with no names or even confirmation that this will ever happen. No, this is the list of the judges who WILL read the top scripts, and who WILL select our winners in the Spring. So with that said, how about a refresher as to who our 25 amazing industry professional judges are this time around.

Where else can you get that type of exposure with one submission? Unlike other contests, we don’t want you sitting at home hoping someone of importance may or may not read your script, we are determined to get the 25 best pilots into the hands of the 25 best industry professionals. With the premiere of THE LAUNCH PAD, we set our sites on creating the premiere competition for , offering an opportunity to expand your audience, ignite your , and get your work in front of the eyes of those that matter! But don’t just take our word for it, how about a refresher on some of the amazingly talented who have been discovered here at TB:

Kate Trefry took the top prize in our first ever Launch Pad competition this past Summer and signed with Caliber Media Co. Her script has since hit the town and become one of the most original calling cards in years. So much so, she is in line to tackle some massive writing jobs. She has since landed on the 2013 Young & Hungry List, the 2013 Hit List and the 2013 Black List. Oh, and did we mention, her manager is also a judge in the pilot competition.

Daniel Turkewitz’s Launch Pad script “Tranquility Base” sold to Twentieth Century Fox and Scott Free right out of the gate after being announced in our contest. Daniel is fast- a rewrite for Ridley Scott, and a 2014 start date is being eyed. On top of that, three of the companies involved in this project are judging the pilot competition with Scott Free, Energy Entertainment and Romark Entertainment all judging our first pilot competition.

Dan Dollar’s script “The Boy and His Tiger” landed him great new reps at Industry Entertainment and CAA, and went on to earn him spots on the 2012 Young & Hungry List, the 2013 Black List and the 2013 Hit List on its way to being set up at Warner Brothers with Leonardo DiCaprio producing. 

Matthew Harvey & Dominic Morgan sold their Launch Pad script “Hyperbaric” to Voltage Pictures, and the project is now making offers to for a 2014 start. Two of the producers of that film have from their companies .

Michael Perri’s script “Nexxus” earned him a spot on the Young & Hungry List, Matthew Horwitz and Amotz Zakai at Echo Lake , and spots in the National Hispanic Media Coalition Television Writers Program, the NBC’s Writers on the Verge Fellowship, and the ABC fellowship.

Sam Celia sold his Launch Pad script to Dark Factory Entertainment, and the project is set to begin filming in the Spring of 2014. Posada, the principal at Dark Factory is also aboard to judge our pilot competition.

And the list goes on — from Will Rowbotham and Adam Simpson-Marshall at Caliber Media Co. signing Matthew James McDonough, Jorge Gonzalez at Station3 signing Blake Armstrong, and David Saunders at APA landing Turkewitz, Harvey and Morgan, to five of the landing on the 2013 Young & Hungry List, and the success stories continue with over 10 of our finalists landing homes, and more importantly beginning their as professional .

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of THE LAUNCH PAD!

To read all rules and regulations – CLICK HERE

To enter now click on the links below.

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