The Launch Pad Pilots Competition Is Thrilled to Announce the Top 75 Scripts of 2017


2017 LPPC Announcement - Top 75 - 620x310

Alongside our exclusive competition partners Endgame Entertainment and Fourth Wall Management, we are incredibly thrilled to announce the 2017 Launch Pad Pilots Competition’s Top 75.

Now in our fourth year, the Launch Pad Competitions have led to more than 250 success stories. With more than 216 writers signed, over 68 projects set up, and 35 writers staffed, we’re excited to grow the Launch Pad family and provide more new writers with the opportunity to succeed. Beyond our current partnership with Endgame and Fourth Wall, we’ve built a list of powerful producing partners in Scott Free, , and Michael De Luca Productions and representation partners in Energy Entertainment, ESA, Bellevue Productions, Paradigm, and Lee Stobby Entertainment, as well as a publishing partner in Inkshares. Our goal here at the Launch Pad has always been to expand and offer writers unique opportunities as we continue to seek new avenues and strengthen existing relationships to provide that for our Top 75.

This competition’s Top 75 represents an array of writers and storytellers hailing from four continents, running the gamut of genres and the breadth of human experience. From sci-fi tales so near in the future they feel like home to those that see the first humans colonizing other planets, from cozy small towns where everyone has a dark secret to the epic expanses of ancient empires, intense character-driven dramas to zany laugh out loud comedies, theme parks to funeral homes, couples that will do everything to stay together to those who will go to any length to break up, and from the Wild West to alien threats, this is just the beginning. This year’s pilots offered worlds we could never have dreamed of, characters we want to follow season after season, and all the excitement that represents why we started this competition in the first place.

As our 2017 LPPC producing partner Endgame Entertainment plunges into the search for their next hit, and our representation partner Fourth Wall Management starts the hunt for their newest star client, we also dive into the fray, getting your work into the hands of our judges at UTA, Scott Free, Good Fear Film + Management, Bellevue, Madhouse Entertainment, , Paradigm, Bad Robot, Gersh, Energy Entertainment, and many more. We cannot express enough how incredibly excited we are for the weeks ahead, and to see these writers thrive.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the 2017 Launch Pad Pilots Competition Top 75!


(As a reminder: If you selected one of our add-on prizes at time of entry, but did not advance to the Top 75, you are still in contention to win those prizes. In fact, every competition since we began featuring add-on partner packages has featured winners who did not make the initial finalist round.)


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