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As we gear up for our 2015 Competition, we’ve chosen to take a look back at our 2014 Features Competition. There were so many good submitted that it was truly a pleasure to read and debate our semifinalists, but at the same time it was also incredibly difficult to pick JUST the Top 25. Our mission at The Tracking Board has always been to help young , who deserve the attention, to get noticed by the industry and we have always identified other that deserve recognition and acknowledgment. In doing so this year, we are excited to announce our top twelve standouts. These are the twelve that missed making the Top 25 by a hair, but no less exemplify the caliber of work that The has come to recognize.

2014 Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order by title):


When the dying wish of an old puppeteer transforms his Heroic Knight and Evil Mafisto marionettes into human beings, they continue to play out their fabled story in the real world — fighting for glory, world domination and the beautiful nymph Calypso. But when Knight falls for a foul-mouthed independent woman, he has to ask himself what his true quest is.

The story of Sir Francis Drake, a legendary English ship commander and “pirate” who stole treasure from the Spanish and eventually served as second command of the English fleet in battle against the Spanish Aramada.

A “Tom Sawyer”-like adventure that follows a young boy who sets out on a journey to find a mysterious treasure his father told him of before dying in an effort to save his family’s farm.

With two weeks to live, a time traveling hitman and his thrill-seeking girlfriend travel back in time to expose the technology that has sped up his aging, and to put an end to the tyrannical empire-building of the technology’s inventor.

A recently unemployed woman schemes to run for Governor — and lose — so she can use the publicly-funded campaign money to buy her grandmother’s house. But when her unconventional campaign catches fire with the public, she becomes a threat to the powerful incumbent, his cronies, and the status quo. ROCKY meets THE CANDIDATE by way of THE PRODUCERS.

In a near-future apocalypse where robots have “glitched” and massacred mankind, a fierce young woman journeys with her stoic android guardian to find a weapon that can save humanity.

A banner of Knights are forced to team up with their sworn enemy on a journey to a mysterious city that threatens them both

A hard-partying bartender gets knocked up and labors to maintain her wet ‘n’ wild lifestyle while under the prenatal care of her “Super Mommy” big sister.

In the future, microscopic implants allow the government to monitor the actions of the population, and one rogue cop joins the resistance movement desperate to end the corruption.

In 1962, a movie-obsessed teenage boy starts a relationship with a tortured older aspiring actress.

A young man, raised by a demon-hunting priest, is forced to mature and take up his father’s mantle to hunt down a body-possessing demon with a taste for children.

On her deathbed, a Russian mother reconnects with her daughters by telling them a fairy tale. But as the daughters listen, the grandeur of the fairy tale begins to melt away and is replaced by the incredible story of how one woman survived one of the most brutal war events in modern history, the Siege of Leningrad.


Congratulations to the Honorable Mentions!

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