We are incredibly proud to announce the TOP 10 Pilots & Writers for our 2014 Launch Pad Pilots Competition (LPPC)!

The fight to make the finals was fierce, with every single one of our Top 25 Semifinalists receiving Top 10 votes from our judging panel. The quality of writing, storytelling and and characters also went above and beyond what we ever imagined we’d see in our first foray into the world of .  Our first LPPC was so overwhelming filled with , we even expanded to add 15 Honorable Mentions to the mix this go round, helping them, along with our Top 25 get reads, take , and land reps.  But more on all of that next week when we announce our Winners, as well as launch our all new Launch Pad Site.

Listed in alphabetical order by title:

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At the deathbed of his father, a young cop discovers he was switched at birth with another man – the son of the city’s biggest mob family. As both men discover where their true blood ties lie, they must decide which side of the law will receive their loyalty.

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“Odd Couple” meets “2 Broke Girls”. Story of twin sisters who are complete opposites, trying to make it in the city without killing each other.

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Big event-series. Think “The Day After Tomorrow” meets “Lost”. Centers on a exploration team sent to the South Pole for a routine research run, who are caught amidst a sudden volcanic explosion and an unidentified object below the ice. Now they must fight for their survival in the most desolate place on earth.

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A reverse “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. When a rich, privileged teenager is kicked out of his eighth boarding school, he’s sent to live with his blue collar relatives in Tacoma, Washington.

Disparate perspectives on early 1980’s sensationalism and the new War on Drugs are seen through a Sunset Strip coke dealer versus the Detective who controls him.

“Alias” meets “Quantum Leap”. Set in the near future, the FBI prevents crimes through time missions executed by a secret department led by Caden Hardwick. But when sabotage puts Caden and his team at risk, his fiancé Sarah must use the technology to avert a disaster.

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After a massive mineral-rich asteroid crashes down in Africa and sparks a second gold rush, a fraying family moves to the African crash site in the hopes of starting a new life. But how long will they survive amidst the corporations, militaries and the daily battles for power in what has become the most valuable real estate on earth?

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“Minority Report” meets “Prison Break”. A devoted husband and father discovers that his , family, and entire life are false memory implants and that he is, in fact, a former operative with a dangerous secret living in a giant prison masquerading as a city.

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City, 1938. Conjoined twins Bette and Evie Grand abandon the sideshow they grew up in search of a bigger, better life for themselves. But their patchwork family proves difficult to leave behind, and their divergent dreams threaten to tear the sisters apart.

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“The Walking Dead” in tone, but from the perspective of the people and the government. The de-evolution of society as we enter into a modern ice age. In the year 2015, an unknown event has started severe global cooling, leading the United States to range from fertile croplands to frozen wastelands. During these times, four people struggle to hold themselves, their families and the country together, before forces of nature rip the world apart.

Stay tuned as we keep everyone updated on any and all advancements for these and their writers!


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