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As THE MICK opens the third episode the family watches as a hot young man in panties drinks milk from a carton in the kitchen. It’s breakfast time and Mick and her adopted family are watching from the kitchen table. Soon it turns out that the young man is Kai, the older boyfriend of the 17-year old Sabrina. Sabrina wanders into the kitchen to make out with the milk covered fellow and soon after loud banging is heard from upstairs, indicating that the couple is very active, sexually. It seems unlikely that in a huge mansion you would hear as many sounds as in a small, cheap apartment, but I suppose that it’s funnier this way. In her new role as mom, Mick feels the need to have the sex talk with Sabrina, despite knowing that her niece is smart and probably already knows what’s up.


What ensues is a discussion on the virtues of the pill; from both a practical and feminist perspective. The youngest child ends up becoming very interested in the “magic pill” and is seen taking handfuls of Mickey’s plastic baggie illegal internet versions in various montages throughout the episode. Despite the feminist overtones of Mickey’s attempts to get Sabrina to have protected sex using pills, condoms, rings, copper implants and other modern and easy-to-use protection devices, the kid ends up falling victim to The Mick’s lazy and obvious comedy. Taking an overload of pills gives him mood swings, makes him feel uncertain, and basically turns him into a stereotype of a woman. And it should be noted, that despite Mickey bringing home a lot of birth control options, there are more. Barrier methods can include condoms made from natural materials, which seems perfect for the 17-year-old with random concerns about her health.

And in case you’re wondering how a 17-year-old could be openly having sex with an older man, we find out from Jimmy, the loser friend that has moved in to the mansion and taken over the father figure role, that the age of consent in Connecticut is 16, so having sex with a much older dude is totally cool from a legal perspective.

Having noisy teenage sex in the house has also revealed that the middle ginger kid has never kissed a girl—and somehow doing weird things to his hand using his mouth proves it. What ensues is a series of recently-in-the-news ways to get a girl to go for the geeky guy—grabbing them and trying to force a kiss or offering to pay for makeout sessions. It’s enough for the red-haired spoiled child to want a vasectomy—advocating for his right to choose what he does with his body, and the ability to prevent gold diggers from coming after his baby daddy money. It also makes him make rude comments about women, which are shut down by Jimmy in what is one of the best scenes in the show because it points out how “ignorant and insensitive” such comments are.

The creators of the show had promised that the third episode would show the direction they wanted the show to go in—and it does. Without all the pesky exposition, the sitcom is finally situational comedy. Given that Sabrina is dead set on keeping “toxins” out of her body, Mickey and her trusted sidekick, Alba the maid, attempt to keep Sabrina from being sexually active the old-fashioned way, with a montage of crazy creepy interruptions, including taking the door off her room. Mickey also tries to seduce Kai away from her niece. Eventually, the women end up faking Sabrina’s pregnancy test and symptoms, which results in a romantic proposal that isn’t revoked by the knowledge that the couple isn’t really pregnant. But Mickey could be, given that she and Jimmy have been having a lot of sex lately as Kai and Sabrina’s noisy sessions seem to be a twisted turn-on for Mickey. And Jimmy for one is happy to be a dad.

The show is improving and finally found the right sitcom groove of shocking humor (calling a small child a dick), creating an obvious family dynamic and actual crazy situations with a problem/solution. I’m not sure that this was really a reveal worth waiting for, but now that everyone has settled into their roles, the show is infinitely more watchable. Although two episodes a week might be overload…


Season 1, Episode 3 (S01E03)
The Mick airs Tuesdays at 830PM on Fox

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