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Since THE MICK began, I’ve been wondering about the whole financial situation. Sure, the kids have a babysitter now that Mickey is in town (although they’ve always had the much more responsible Alma), but they’re still living in their luxury mansion and Mickey is driving their luxury cars. So it was nice to see the whole gang having a sit down with their money manager, who somehow knew nothing about the whole tax evasion thing. He is busy advising the family to cancel their country club membership, which Mickey knew nothing about. Kind of like she knew nothing about the actual master bedroom and later will know nothing about the family digs in NYC. I know she’s been out of touch with her sister, but not knowing her basic home layout when you’ve been living it and not knowing she has traditional rich people stuff like a country club membership and a place in the city and the country seem pretty basic. So the long and the short of it is that tongues are wagging in the elite social circles of the country club about the family, courtesy of a gossip columnist, and of course, the kids and Mickey are determined to set things right and “restore the Pemberton brand.” Even though it’s completely true that the parents stole a bunch of money and left the country.


Apparently back in the day, Sabrina pooped in the pool, but she insists it was totally chocolate, not feces. So we have Sabrina and Mickey coming up with various means of shutting up the gossip guy (the most stereotypical gay man since stereotypical gay men first started being a part of every sitcom). They’re not that clever on their own so instead, they team up to come up with a very elaborate plot to get the gossip guru in the pool with poop. Although the mapping out of the plot, action movie style is amusing, nothing else really is. It’s too clichéd and dopey and  Sabrina once again ends up in the pool trying to explain that it’s chocolate, not poop, she didn’t poop the pool.


The more mushy subplot is that Chip is still trying to find his place in the world, and apparently, in country club land, it’s all about who you play with and when you play. He isn’t playing with his usual foursome, but with a man that actually works for a living, and a couple of Japanese guys that don’t really speak English; but know golf. Chip is being mocked by his peers for his parents’ abandonment, which is really beyond low humor and into being disturbing—a group of grown men picking on a child is just wrong. But I guess the scene is brief enough that no one notices and Chip’s new body comes up with a new plot to make him a hero. So Chip learns lessons and gets to feel better about himself, and the grown-up bullies get free drinks. All is well for the Pemberton bunch.

The episode is quick and fast paced, which is a very good thing because it gives me less time to be distracted by all the things that don’t add up about the show—even in a sitcom. Only 30% of the family fortune is frozen and they still have millions, so it really is unclear why the business manager would expect any of them to be managing things. But grownups picking on kids is just wrong and that gets swept under the rug in favor of more important things—like lying about your golf game and how chocolate really does look just like poop in a pool, in case you missed it when Bill Murray fished it out almost 40 years ago.
TB-TV-Grade-B-Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
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