“The Mist” Trailer Is Here to Screw With Your Mind (Video)


Spike has released the first trailer for its new 10-episode TV series , which is based on the novella by Stephen King.

The Mist follows the residents of Bridgeville, Maine as they find themselves engulfed by a foreboding mist containing a myriad of inexplicable and bizarre threats that put their humanity to the test. At the center of the series is a family that is torn apart by a brutal crime.

The show stars Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland, Gus Birney, Danica Curcic, Okezie Morro, Luke Cosgrove, Darren Pettie, Russell Posner, Dan Butler, Isiah Washington, Jr. and Frances Conroy.

While the series takes plenty of liberties with the source material, as would be expected with King’s original story set largely in a grocery store, creator Christian Torpe told Entertainment Weekly that he “wanted to remain faithful to the heart of the story.”

Torpe also described the supernatural series as “timely,” saying it echoes the sad realities of the current world we find ourselves living in.

“Unfortunately, I thought it was incredibly timely to do a show about what people do when they are blinded by fear. We look around at what’s going on in the world, and everyone is constantly looking for someone to blame, or someone to lead them to the promised land. They find people to hate, either because of their gender or race or faith. Those are elements we tap into — how fear drives things like misogyny and homophobia.”

That’s pretty heavy stuff for a genre show to tap into, so be sure to tune in on June 22 and let us know if the series turned out better than Frank Darabont’s 2007 movie of the same name.

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