THE MUPPETS Review: “Generally Inhospitable”/”Because… Love”


Airtime: Tuesdays at 8PM on ABC
Episode: Season 1, Episode 15/16 (S01E15/16)


Tweetable Takeaway: Emojis speak volumes and calzones are must-haves on every pre-flight in #TheMuppets finale

Interesting mash up of two episodes for season finale. Will there be a second season is the big elephant in the room. It didn’t quite find and settle into it’s niche. Was it entertaining; absolutely, but there wasn’t enough consistency with certain aspects such as character . There would start to be progress like when Gonzo the Great was revived. A great episode, but was later followed up with a bizarre relationship with Camila, talk about total dip.

With the shows episode title being “Because…Love” and last week’s episode focusing on Miss Piggy and Kermit pretending to get back together, you can see the direction The Muppets were going. The back and forth of their relationship was smothered and if not the main focus of the entire first season.

The first half of the finale has some spunk as Piggy takes play at Beyonce. Pepe and Rizzo are their usual, funny selves (which I would’ve loved to see more of) playing pranks, and there’s also the “branding guru”, who served what seemed an insignificant purpose. Just an intimidating corporate figure lurking around who quite frankly sucked the fun of the show.

Electric Mayhem has definitely been rehearsing and it shows as the bands performances throughout the episodes have gotten stronger, mostly thanks to the musical guests they collaborated with. This weeks first guest star, Willie Nelson brought on one of the best acts of the season. Aside from the Christmas special of course.

The second half is primarily focused on Kermit and Piggy’s exhausting love story. He spends some time with Rowlf and shares he’s missing someone but it’s entirely clear who he’s speaking of.  Rowlf, a bar owner and now apparently a licensed therapy dog advises Kermit to flip a coin to determine whether or not he should follow his heart or his head. After flipping a coin and it landing on heads, Kermit assumes it must ironically mean for him to follow his heart. Yeah okay, sure. Wanting to get back together with Piggy sounds like he’s been drinking some of that unfiltered LA water and has impaired his judgment. He goes on about how she’s been working on her behavior, which I admit has been very tolerable. However, based on her track record, I think it’s safe to say it wouldn’t be surprising if this new attitude is only temporary and that she will revert back to her old neurotic self we love to loathe. It’s a vicious cycle.

Miss Piggy gets word that Kermit is working on a grand gesture and that it is his responsibility to show her things will be different this time around? Kermit musters the courage to break things off early on in the season giving him a back bone for once. Wait, didn’t they essentially break up because of how crazy and dysfunctional their relationship was. Okay, Muppets, I’d love to see how this plays out.

I get it. Miss Piggy and Kermit are The Muppets key stars but I’m not sure how their relationship serving as the main premise and concern of their friends is the focus for a storyline. Come on, continue to grow and further develop the characters. We’ve seen the potential and it’s been great but it’s become a constant stop and go, rather exhausting waiting for it launch and has prevented the show from taking off. It has no momentum. Sure, keep it cute and play it safe. Eventually that will burn out.

Kermit steps in, determines it’s not up to the gang to vote and decide on love’s fate. Dr. Honeydew shares its not about voting but science rather, sharing an equation for his reasoning.

Because Bruno Mars was attempting to woo Miss Piggy, he cancelled once he got word of a possible reconciliation between her and Kermit. Further leaving the crew to scramble and find a new musical act. I think we saw a few too many musical acts “cancel”, couldn’t there be more thought process behind why he was unable to perform?

Bobo has had enough to with Trader Joes runs and a rowdy group of audience members, looking to vent to the crew he asks if he can maul the next person to ask if he’s the bear from The Revenant. Ha! These are the little sly and random jokes that make the show. But why keep it so limited, why not further elaborate.

The episodes theme clearly seems to be “but love” as everyone forces their opinion on to Kermit. Stressed out and still needing to find a replacement for Bruno Mars, Kermit leaves the office and goes on a drive, runs into Jack White at a light and in a favor. On their drive to the the pair share a car karaoke moment as they sing to The White Stripes, “Fell in Love With a Girl”. The Muppets made great use of the musical guest, it was different, fresh and something we had not seen.

It’s no surprise Miss Piggy is nagging and calling Kermit out for feeling wishy-washy about their relationship and hurting her, yet again. So some things never change. Piggy and Kermit’s relationship is a roller coaster, can we stop beating a dead horse already.

The show is currently on it’s last string and in survival mode, life support in fact, so why are we’re left with a cliff hanger!? Kermit’s grand gesture of arranging pre-flight calzones for Miss Piggy is sweet, and a great idea in fact. I thoroughly enjoyed the show but as a long time fan believe it could’ve reached higher grounds and had an immense deal of prospect. A Kermit and Miss Piggy love story was too easy, I felt there could’ve been more potential in the characters branching out with other love interests, take Denise, her relationship with Kermit wasn’t given enough of an opportunity. What happened to Becky and Fozzy? There were sparks amongst other Muppets, Sam and Janice and Rizzo and Yolanda. Plenty to develop and elaborate on. It would’ve been one thing to see more of Kermit and Piggy work on their relationship as friends, and perhaps then rekindle a flickering flame, if at all. Though Piggy ‘conveniently’  knocks out as the plane is about to take off and right as she’s about to give Kermit an answer regarding his love declaration. The finale is pretty disappointing as Kermit and Piggy attempt to see if there is a love worth rekindling, but is juxtaposed to become another VH-1 spin-off as another “Real Chance at Love”. Left with the idea they’re off to Thailand together, whether it did or didn’t happen, we’re bound to find out next season, if there is one…



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