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Tweetable Takeaway: “The Muppets” brings the heart but not the jokes in “Got Silk?” 

is three episodes into the back half of the season and after a strong reset in the new year, last night’s episode showed a little signs of wear. “Got Silk?” was another solid outing, but after two great episodes that maintained a tight, fast pace and less of the Miss Piggy-Kermit entanglements this episode still felt like like a half step back.

This episode primarily focuses on Miss Piggy who is search of a new best friend after she realizes she doesn’t have one. Deadley follows her around like a puppy dog for the excursion. Piggy can’t understand why women don’t want to be her friend. When she sees Janice, the lead guitarist of Electric Mayhem, she asks for some direction leading to Miss Piggy (with Deadley following along as usual) to take a silks class. You know, that super trendy work out where people pretend they’re in Cirque Du Soleil. Piggy immediately latches onto the first girl that she meets, completely putting the young woman off and losing the friend as quickly as she found her.


Meanwhile, Gonzo, Rizzo, and Pepe are being used as pawns in the battle between Kermit and show-revitalizer, Pizza. Pizza wants the to incorporate product placement in their sketches. Kermit doesn’t want the team to feel as if they’re compromising their integrity. Plenty of behind-the-scenes series have dealt with this very same debate and it is just as uninteresting here as it is anywhere else. What The Muppets does do well is this bromance between Gonzo, Rizzo, and Pepe. It has existed for years and continues to shine on the show. Pizza bribes the trio to see his side of things with luxurious suits and introducing them to celebrity RuPaul.

In the live show, the use an original sketch that incorporates the suits so that they neither have to include product placement or have to pay Pizza back for the suits. RuPaul again appears to help the group out but ultimately it’s an under utilized cameo, and considering how fantastic Key and Peele were in just one scene in last week’s ep, you know that the simply dropped the ball.

Miss Piggy joins Ingrid Michaelson for a live duet but when there’s a flub with her cue cards, Deadly jumps in to help her out and Miss Piggy realizes she has had a best friend all along. She even thanks him for his friendship by taking the entire staff to see his black box, gender-swapped performance of Clueless.


The half hour is definitely a more emotional story and that emotion is earned, but it’s still a comedy. New showrunner Kristen Newman did an excellent in her first two episodes of helming the series and there’s no reason to think that the show won’t quickly bounce back next week.


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