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No time was wasted in introducing this weeks guest star, Chelsea Handler, who is widely known for her former talk show Chelsea Lately. Sure, it brought a good element to , but honestly, it just didn’t work for me. This week we primarily see Scooter take the driver’s seat as he’s the main focus of the show as he gushes over his celebrity crush, Chelsea Handler.

Kermit and Fozzy’s friendship also took center stage as things with Fozzy’s relationship with Becky started to show signs of advancing. Kermit being Kermit, being a good friend, as well as perhaps a little jealous, was concerned that Fozzy might be moving too fast and would need to pump the breaks.

Kermit suggests a double date for him to get to better know Becky at bar trivia night at Rowlf’s, where he begins to suspect she’s not all cracked up to be when he catches her checking her phone underneath the table and assumes she is cheating at trivia. When he later confronts Becky, he learns he was mistaken and that she was actually on e-bay bidding on a gift for Fozzy. Oops, awkward…

(ABC/Nicole Wilder)

This puts Kermit and Fozzy’s friendship in a fritz.

Chelsea shares she’s been dating the wrong guys after Miss Piggy asks how the dating world has been treating her. Chelsea continues saying she’s looking for someone who is nice and has a steady . Right…if it were just as easy Chelsea.  What she’s looking for is a sweetheart, thoughtful, kind, and lovable dork-clearly describing Scooter to the tee!

Pepe and Rizzo encourage Scooter to ask out Chelsea, as they’re giving him a pep talk they get him thinking a little too much about his hand gestures only making his nerves intensify as he walks in to her dressing room. As if Scooter wasn’t already awkward, he slips nearly falls and is caught in Chelsea’s arms. He embarrassingly admits he was just about to ask her out before making a big mess of it all. Chelsea reassures him it’s okay and tells Scooter to tell his mom not to wait up for him tonight because he has a hot date. Wooo, go Scooter!

(ABC/Nicole Wilder)

(ABC/Nicole Wilder)

Apparently, the date was a little too hot for a respectful gentleman like Scooter as Chelsea initiated the first move making him a little too uncomfortable he bolts out of the date.

Way too physical, way too fast is how Scooter described his date to Pepe and Rizzo, only for them to poke fun at him since he is reluctant to move forward with her, because she’s moving a little too quickly for everyone’s favorite lovable nerd.

A chivalrous, yet inexperienced Scooter won over a bold Chelsea who took a role reversal upon herself and sent him the biggest flower arrangement I’ve seen.

Feeling it was for the best, Scooter decides he needs to break up with Chelsea. She convinces him she can take things slow and they agree to keep in touch (electronically) while she’s on the road.

Meanwhile Fozzy is shooting some promos for the affliate networks for Up Late with Miss Piggy, he and Kermit exchange a few words at first sarcastic, but eventually leads to them making amends.

Overall, this weeks episode was entertaining but just okay. It was great to see less of Miss Piggy, always will back that. Chelsea Handler’s guest appearance was less than subpar. Probably my least favorite guest star thus far. Given Chelsea’s reputation and loud obnoxious personality as a comedian who rips people, it seemed her image was a softened a bit too much it seemed fake and forced, I didn’t buy it. I would’ve imagined given her persona that perhaps she would’ve played a different role, perhaps serve as an enemy or threat to Miss Piggy considering she’s had issues with nearly every female guest star. The Muppets having romantic “relationships” with humans still isn’t believable, it just isn’t. Getting used to the idea of Fozzy and Kermit, but Scooter and Chelsea was just totally wrong. Did it serve its purpose of some comical exchanges, sure, but it was mostly because of Scooter’s nerdy character and his awkward body language, nothing more.

(ABC/Nicole Wilder)

(ABC/Nicole Wilder)

I wouldn’t mind seeing an episode without a celebrity guest star, does the show rely on a guest for it to thrive? It seems more so now that guest stars are used as a crutch and that the show is written and revolved around them. They don’t have to be the front runners, cameos are okay too. Overall, more Muppets. The story possibilities are countless, there are more than enough characters to focus on and shift for a couple of episodes.


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