“THE NOTEBOOK” Is The Next Film Up For TV Reboot Talks


In a year filled with television reboots of hit films, The Notebook is the latest to enter the slate at The CW. The series is reported to follow the two central characters, Noah and Allie (played in the film by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams respectively), as they begin building their lives together. The backdrop potential seems to be the most promising aspect of this show, as the two lovers have set out on their own in post-WWII North Carolina, leaving the possibility of a show that gets to deal with racial inequality in the U.S. and a generation of men having to deal with PTSD from battle in a society that didn’t fully understand the problem.

is set to write the script with and , and since The CW is the potential network for the series, it would fall under the purview of Warner Bros. Television along with the Sparks’ company, Productions.

Previous reboots in the works include Minority Report, Limitless, Uncle Buck, Rush Hour, a stuck-in--purgatory Hitch, and a very rumored X-Men series. All of these possible reboots will be joining the returning Fargo series, among others.

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This news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.


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