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Airtime: Wednesdays on Hulu
Episode: Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)


Tweetable Takeaway: #ThePath has its craziest, most dramatic episode yet.  

So much crazy stuff went down on this week! The government and protestors swarm the gates over the immigrant refugees Cal took in last week. Ashley’s family flees the compound, with Ashley breaking up with Hawk. Allison Kemp is cornered and Cal confronts Eddie. Sarah realizes that she could be a leader. And Cal killed a man!

Let’s start with the whole immigrant refugee debacle. Cal’s move to bring them in has set off a media firestorm, with one outlet labeling them an “extremist religious sect”. Bill and Felicia are in from San Diego, furious that Cal did this without consulting the leadership and fearful that their movement could become the next Waco. Even Sarah no longer supports him. Bill and Felicia order him to tell the immigrants that they’ll have to leave.


Except Cal doesn’t do that. He pledges to them that he’ll keep them safe, either out of a genuine concern for their well-being, or a knowledge that having such a big decision overturned would seriously undermine his leadership. In a dramatic gesture, he demands a vote involving every member of the movement, not just the ones on the upper rungs of the Ladder.

Meanwhile, Eddie has been keeping Allison Kemp at Sarah’s father Hank’s cabin in the woods. Of course, despite being warned not to, she wanders outside and is spotted by a member of the movement. Eddie overhears Sarah’s brother Russ tell Cal that a blonde woman was spotted, so he takes off, hoping to reach her first. Unfortunately, Cal arrives moments after him. He tries to convince Allison to rejoin, but she attacks him. Eddie wrestles him while she flees.

Cal is furious, but tries to keep his anger under control. He tells Eddie that “You can’t live among us, call yourself a follower, and not believe. You can’t have it both ways.”, which is a fair statement, but Eddie can’t leave his family. Eddie accuses him of trying to break up his marriage, but Cal thinks Eddie is doing a fine of that on his own. Cal orders Eddie to go on The Walk, a 250-mile walkabout inspired by founder Steve, leaving immediately, even though it’s December. If he doesn’t, Cal will tell Sarah that Eddie doesn’t believe.


At the beginning of the episode, Hawk and Ashley continued to be an adorable teenager couple, cutting class to be with each other and listen to music. However, her mom has gotten more and more freaked out by the Meyerists. The final straw is when she goes to the interview that Sarah set up and is offered the immediately. This would be a cause for celebration, but her interviewer proudly shows her a hidden Meyerist prayer room. Realizing that accepting the would only draw her deeper into the movement, she packs up her family in the middle of the night and heads to the local YWCA. Hawk catches up with Ashley, who tells him that she can’t see him anymore. Her family has to stick together. Hawk is completely lost and heartbroken, but this can’t be the end of their relationship! They were too cute together.

Mary Cox is having a complete breakdown. She seduces the girl who works at the infirmary so she can steal drugs, gets high, and then confronts Cal about why he sent Sean away. Cal doesn’t give her a satisfactory answer, which enrages her because the movement is supposed to be all about honesty. She throws a vase at his head, shattering glass everywhere. She leaves, but runs into her father while trying to walk out. Freaked out, she turns around and heads back inside. It’s a sad moment that shows that these people stick with the movement because no matter how messed up it is inside, it’s even worse outside.

Cal, shaken by her outburst, gets another surprise. Silas has travelled all the way from Peru to talk to him. Silas tells him that he still communicates with Steve, and that the movement is dead. Cal is a fraud, not a real leader. Silas pushes all of his buttons, calling him an alcoholic salesman and comparing him to his father, so Cal snaps. He lashes out at Silas, seemingly forgetting that he’s carrying a shard of glass in his hand. It slices Silas’s throat, and he bleeds out. Cal, covered in blood, desperately tries to clean up so he can attend the Gathering, but it’s pointless.


At the Gathering, Bill speaks out against continuing to protect the immigrants. Realizing that Cal isn’t coming, Sarah decides to speak on their behalf, preaching love and acceptance. She talks about how Steve took in a damaged soul, Eddie, seventeen years ago, and now she has a family. They’re all there because someone took a chance on them. Silas said that if the movement has another leader, it isn’t Cal. Could it be Sarah? She’s a natural. Even Eddie is moved by her speech.

Eddie prepares for the Walk. Hawk wants to go with him now too, as he’s reeling over his break-up with Ashley. Sarah calls Cal, demanding to know why he’s forcing Eddie to leave that very moment, but Cal doesn’t answer. He’s drinking again, with Silas’s covered-up body still on the floor. We’re heading into the final three episodes, and I’m more into this show than ever.



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