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This week’s episode of played with the idea of fixing the sins of the past by making restitution in the present. Both Sarah and Eddie have wrongs they want to right. Eddie is focused on reversing the denier policy and reuniting families who’ve been torn apart by Meyerism’s insistence on shutting out those who don’t share their beliefs. Sarah’s haunted by her inability to help with the tainted water situation, as evidenced by her nightmare that opens the episode. She dreams that she goes to brunch at her hotel, only to run into Marshall, who’s supplied the place with poisoned meat.


When she wakes up, she’s next to Cal. He’s experiencing more post-coital bliss than she is, as she seems to instantly regret the encounter. The Meyerist’s practice of restitution begins at sundown that night, a three day affair where they let go of past mistakes. Abe is trying to make the Meyerists pay for their mistakes, talking to the man they blackmailed in hopes of getting him to come forward so they can prosecute them for the crimes. However, he seems ambivalent about putting Sarah behind bars, while the people she blackmailed, many of whom apparently committed horrible acts, get to go unpunished. It’s possible that Abe will go rogue and decide not to take Sarah down after all.

Eddie’s quest to reverse the denier policy goes awry when Tessa decides to forgo his plan of waiting until Eddie can locate more people affected and confront her family on her own. She bursts into the Lane household when everyone is gathered for a family dinner. It’s a heartbreaking scene. Sarah and Tessa’s mother, Gab, refuses to even look at her. Tessa reveals that Sarah was supposed to go with her the night she left, but she changed her mind at the last moment. It’s interesting to learn that Sarah ever had doubts, as she’s always seemed 100% committed. Tessa also reveals that she’s been meeting with Eddie, prompting Cal to speculate that Eddie told her to go over that night in hopes that the revelation about Sarah would prompt Hawk to leave.


Hawk is Cal’s only connection to Sarah left. Sarah may have slept with him, but she regrets it so much that it’s the only thing she writes down in the Meyerist ritual where they let go of their past sins. Cal is Hawk’s 2R guide, but he might lose that as well. Hawk reunites with Ashley this episode, spending the day and night with her in New York City, skipping the restitution ceremony to do so. Their relationship was a highlight of last season and it’s great to see them together again. Their relationship and chemistry feels tender and real, filled with that yearning only young love can produce.

However, Ashley reveals that she broke up with him because Cal promised her family a house if she did. Hawk does not react well to this information. If he chooses to believe it, it shatters his whole worldview that Cal and Sarah are the pure ones while Eddie is the problem for leaving the movement. He doesn’t seem ready to process this bombshell, so he returns to the compound and voluntarily decides to cleanse, getting locked in one of those creepy rooms Eddie was sent to after he returned from Peru in season one. Either Hawk will emerge more dedicated to the movement as it is now, or it’s possible he will become like his father and decide to help change it.


Sarah confronts Eddie after Tessa visits, telling him that he has to let her go. Eddie doesn’t want to hurt her any more than she’s already been, so he tells Felicia and Richard that he’s not a leader. He doesn’t want that responsibility over other people’s lives. Felicia tells Richard that if Eddie is meant to be the guardian, it will happen, but Richard isn’t content to just rely on fate. He takes Sarah’s written confession, where she pledges to relinquish her guilt for being with Cal, and shows Eddie. Whether this betrayal will cause Eddie to resolve to take his place as leader or whether it will push him further away from the movement remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Sean’s mother is still trying to get Sean to leave Meyerism. He admits that Mary is the only reason he’s staying and Mary doesn’t seem to want to leave. Sean and Mary’s subplot hasn’t really grabbed me this season. It seems so separate from everything else going on and Sean and Mary aren’t as developed as characters as the rest of the cast. Maybe this subplot will ramp up as the season draws to a close. It will be interesting to see how the poisoned water issue resolves itself, as that’s another storyline that hasn’t really been integrated well. There’s only three episodes left in the season and a lot more to resolve.


Season 2, Episode 10 (S02E10)
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