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Airtime: Wednesdays on Hulu
Episode: Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)


Tweetable Takeaway: A beautiful, haunting #ThePath functions as a thoughtful character study.  

After the drama of last week’s episode, returns to what it does best—a contemplative character study of people in transition. Cal once again shows his true colors, Eddie and Hawk interact with the outside world, searching for answers, and Sarah grows more comfortably into her role as leader.

Let’s start with Cal. He drives off the compound to get rid of Silas’s body, burying him in what I think is the hole he had Eddie dig. He cleans up in a rest stop bathroom and drives on to Delaware, where he picks up Sean and takes him back to Mary. This seems to be Cal’s attempt at being a good person, but he then turns up at Sarah’s, completely drunk. Sarah cares for him, but after Nicole gives birth (more on that later), they two of them end up making out. It’s undeniably passionate, but Sarah breaks it off. Cal begins sobbing. I really thought for a second that he was going to admit to killing someone, but instead he tells Sarah that Eddie is lying to him. Sarah searches Eddie’s car and finds his burner cell with the calls to Allison.


With only two episodes left, are we finally going to see the consequences to Cal’s actions? The fact that Mary’s father sees him leaving the compound late at night with a dead body in the trunk seems pretty significant. He’s been in communication with Abe, who’s even more determined than ever to bring charges against the movement—although I sort of thought his freak-out at his boss over being taken off the case was rooted in a desire to keep hanging around there because part of him believes. After all, he points out that the Meyerists are doing more good than the government in regards to the sheltering of the immigrants, although he does call them a “murderous cult”, who knows.

Sarah is riding high after last week’s speech that convinced the movement not to turn the immigrants in. She’s greeted as a hero, given flowers and adoring looks. Felicia pulls her aside for a chat that seems to imply that Felicia considers her a choice to take over, as Cal is growing increasingly unpredictable. At the very beginning of the episode, Sarah had a dream/vision of Summer and Hawk in danger, followed by a crazy alien-looking lady. She figures out the woman in her vision is Pachamama, an Incan idol whose statues Silas collects after mysteriously finding one on her desk. It’s clear evidence that Silas was at the compound, but she doesn’t investigate this idea further.

Nicole, Sarah’s sister in law, goes into labor, opting for a home birth in an inflatable pool. It’s a long, difficult labor and when the baby is finally born, it isn’t breathing. Sarah jumps into action, performing CPR until finally it begins to cry. It’s basically a miracle and will probably serve as further proof that Sarah is the true next leader. I wonder how Cal is going to react to losing his power to a woman he has such a complicated history with.


While Cal and Sarah’s storylines had their excitement, Eddie and Hawk’s are some of the most thoughtful this show has done. They’ve begun their walk, but both begin to see that the outside world might not be as bad as they’ve been taught by Meyerism. Of course, Eddie has had experience with the outside world before, but for Hawk, it’s all new. They accept a ride from two friendly strangers to Coney Island, where Eddie opens up about his relationship with his brother. They eat clam rolls—how can the outside world be so awful if it has awesome greasy food?

Hawk asks Eddie how he knew that Meyerism was right for him. Joy claims she could physically feel her body being lifted off the ground when she accepted the light into her life. The closest Eddie’s ever felt to that is when he first met Sarah. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that even though Eddie may have never truly believed in Meyerism, he’s always completely believed in Sarah. Hawk recognizes Eddie’s feelings to be the same as his for Ashley. He truly loves her, but isn’t sure if she wants anything to do with him anymore.

Eddie leads Hawk to a payphone, where he calls Ashley. We don’t hear most of the conversation, as Eddie is distracted by a hallucination of his brother. I’m not sure what this means, but I think it’s a reminder to Eddie that there’s more out there than just Meyerism. Some of it is painful, but some of it is kindness from strangers and delicious fried food. Hawk’s phone call seems to go well—does this mean he’s going to leave the movement to be with her? They’re not done with the walk yet, and there’s still more of the world to see.



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