THE POLITICIAN (SPEC) **Campaign Leads To Bidding War!!**


There’s a hot new spec on the street and it’s topical. Sort of. Well, it’s at least taking advantage of a topical situation (The crack-smoking mayor of Toronto).

The script in discussion is THE POLITICIAN and it’s described as “Bad Santa” but with a politician. Sold. It also reportedly begins with the titular character encountering prostitutes and supposedly only gets crazier from there. So, don’t look for a soft R rating on this bad boy. (I’m looking at you “Bad Teacher”) This seems more like a “Ted” version of an R-rated comedy.

Anyhow, Sony & Paramount are both chomping at the bit for the spec. Bidding is currently in the six figure range and expected to land in the high six figures, just south of seven figures. A sale is, without a doubt, imminent.

( | ) and ( | & | ) wrote the comedy. Confusion is also attached to .

We’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds!



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