The Reboot of Samurai Jack Has a Premiere Date (Things We Love)


It seems as though every show is being brought back. Whether it’s Fuller House or Gilmore Girls, reboots are coming out left and right to continue everybody’s favorite storylines that bring them back to an earlier and simpler time. The time has come for early 2000s kids to experience this nostalgia and finally get closure on some of the biggest unanswered questions of 2004.

Cartoon Network’s animated series Samurai Jack, which aired from 2001 until its finale in 2004, will be returning for a fifth season on March 11 at 11:30 pm on Adult Swim.

If that didn’t get you excited to see Jack return, here’s a behind the scenes video showing how Samurai Jack came back from its television grave.

Changing Jack’s appearance might be upsetting at first to the die-hard Samurai Jack purists out there but as long as the character’s personality and mannerisms stay them same, all fans should be able to adjust. It is sad that Maku Iwamatsu will no longer be the voice Aku but you can’t expect everything to be exactly the same after coming back from a 13-year hiatus.


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