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Logline: A medical drama based on Dr. Joel Salinas.
Cast: N/A
Creators: David Zabel (Writer / EP), (EP), (EP), (EP)
Studios: CBS Studios, Scott Free Productions, Foundry Media

Our second medical drama. Sensory places us in a far less exotic location, i.e. Massachusetts General Hospital. Headlining Sensory is a young medical student with mirror-touch synesthesia, a trait that causes him to experience other people’s feelings and sensations.

That’s obviously a lot to handle for a medical student, causing him to drop out in his fourth year. Rick’s mentor gives him a second chance to complete his education by pairing him up with the tough new Chief Resident, Moretti.

Sensory has been rolled, so I’m not going to spend much time on it. Even though Rick is interesting enough, I’m not sure I’d return for a second helping. Though Zabel gives Rick some personal struggles on the romance and family front, they feel underdeveloped.

As an example, let’s take Dot, the student who’s attracted to Rick’s sensitivity. Rick doesn’t seem to be attracted to her at all, which doesn’t set up a compelling romance. If Rick doesn’t care, why should I? Why not make Dot the smartest, most attractive, and most mysterious student Rick has ever met?

Comps are easy. It’s like Unforgettable, but in the medical world. Or like Hannibal minus the gore (and Hannibal Lecter). And Grey’s Anatomy and ER, but with far less compelling relationships.

Reportedly Sensory was rolled because of a late order and casting problems. But maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. Will Zabel give us some more compelling reasons to return for future episodes? Maybe a more fleshed-out romance? Maybe some secrets that Moretti keeps from Rick? I guess we’ll find out after the upfronts.

I’d want to see Sensory develop the sort of stakes that Bunker Hill has. Or complicated relationships like House and Hannibal. Here’s a guy who feels too much. Why do we feel so little when reading it?


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  1. As a Nancy Drew fan, I have mixed feelings. Sure, I would like to see a new Nancy Drew show, but this pilot is taking away the fun of Nancy being a teenaged amateur sleuth. On the other hand, I’m curious to see how this will all play out. Really hoping for a series pick-up! :)

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