The Runway – Your 2016 Pilot Survival Guide: FOX Comedies


 charity case

Charity Case

Logline: When Hailey inherits her late billionaire husband’s charity, she quickly finds that changing the world is far less glamorous than she had imagined.
Cast: ,
Creators: (Writer / EP), (D/EP), (EP)
Studios: ABC Studios / 20th Century Fox

This script has not passed my desk. But I’m a huge Bornheimer fan (is this finally his big break?) and Cox always puts in good work. The logline is slightly vague — I wonder if, like CBS’ The Great Indoors, it will have Courtney at the center not understanding this world of charity around her now that her billionaire husband is dead? The script needs to decide whether to go broad or stay grounded. And that decision could be what determines whether this show sinks or swims. We’ll see.

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