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the enforcers

The Enforcers

Logline: Female buddy comedy about two wildly different single mothers with drams of being police officers who find themselves partnered as inspectors in the Code Enforcement Department. Instead of fighting crime, they have been relegated to handling petty code breaking, like noise complaints, tree trimming and water misuse.
Cast: , ,
Creators:  (Writer / EP), (Writer / EP)
Studios: Warner Bros.

On , cop comedies have made a bit of a comeback with Brooklyn Nine-Nine still solid and Angie Tribeca getting the greenlight for a second season. At the movies, female action comedies have had a resurgence at the box office too with The Heat and Spy (granted, those movies have share Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig as common threads). What happens when you combine female action comedies and cop comedies? The Enforcers.

Maggie and Nora are failed police trainees. So they’re hired to be Code Enforcement Inspectors in lovely Stockton, CA. What is a code enforcement officer? The person who handles petty complaints about noise, water misuse, etc.

We learn Maggie is a single mom who used to twirl signs for money, so she’s happy to be there. Nora is the more driven of the two, wanting to make detective. So we have our mismatched buddy team.

The ladies’ first assignment is tracking down excessive water wasters. On an unsanctioned stakeout, Maggie eventually gets Nora to lighten up a little and smoke some weed. Exposition starts pouring out of them like you wouldn’t believe. Act Two ends with Nora (the driven one) threatening to quit.

The Enforcers was pretty good. Some of the humor worked for me (some nice callbacks and flashbacks, specifically). But you’re going to get inevitable comparisons to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and that show is better across the board. Do two half hour comedies about law enforcement pair nicely together? I actually think not — the viewer gets law enforcement fatigue. But what do I know?

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