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Losing It

Logline: Three misfit adult siblings and their parents who – between divorce, new parenthood, early-onset dementia and let’s just say life – are all losing it in different ways. And family is the only way they’re going to find it.
Cast: Jon Cryer, Natalie Morales, Sam Huntington
Creators: DJ Nash (W / EP), Aaron Kaplan (EP), Dana Honor (EP), Julie Anne Robinson (D)
Studios: ABC Studios, Kapital Entertainment

We talk about ABC being the home of family comedy, but outside of Modern Family, we don’t really see adult siblings, and the effects of their nearly senior citizen age parents. Losing It hopes to fill that void, and it looks to be a comeback vehicle for Jon Cryer.

Andy is an acupuncturist whose wife has recently left him for a similarly named doctor across the street. His dad is suffering through early onset dementia, his mother is the landlord for his business and can’t relax, his younger sister is a failing baker, and his brother is a magician at kid’s birthday parties who learns unexpectedly that he’s going to be a dad. They’ve all got issues in their own ways, but they’re coming together for the mom’s birthday. Act one ends with dad Leo saying he needs to run an errand, Andy taking him, and then Andy losing him. The three siblings look for, and eventually find, their dad. But act two ends with a surprise.

Overall, the show Losing It most resembles is Life in Pieces. It doesn’t have the gimmicky “one continuous story per act”, but it does have the focus on how family dynamics change as you age. The character dynamics and dialogue were overall pretty good. And it does have a bit of pathos, like Parenthood. It’s a little hard to envision Nielsen success, but the floor for the show’s ratings is also not very low. This would be a low-risk, low-reward pick-up for ABC.

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