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Real Life

Logline: Chronicles the relationship of two twentysomethings who go from being co-workers on opposite coasts to working in the same office.
Cast: Rebecca Rittenhouse, Brenda Song, Luke Hazlett, Kristen Johnston, Bret Harrison, Ryan Hansen
Creators: Hilary Winston (W / EP), Carter Bays (EP), Craig Thomas (EP), Pam Fryman (D)
Studios: CBS Studios

If you read last year’s The Runway, you know I was a big champion of My Time/Your Time, but thought it wouldn’t get picked up and that came to be. So CBS is going back to the well and redeveloping it. Will it fare any better this time with a slightly adjusted plot and new leads, but the same writer?

Drew and Nora work for the same company, but on opposite sides of the country. Nora’s been through a tough breakup with a co-worker, and Drew tries to console her. End of Act One has our two leads vowing to set each other up with dates for the other person. Act Two has Drew and Nora going on dates, with us learning about their backgrounds from their conversations. Then we finish the pilot with unromantic Drew becoming romantic by flying out to meet up with Nora, whose date turned out to be OK, and Drew revealing he got an office transfer.

A lot of my comments from My Time/Your Time apply here as well. I liked the story, liked the dialogue, and though she doesn’t have many lines, Kristen Johnson should be great in the supporting Beverly role, and they solved one of the bigger issues from last year: less relationship via teleconference in this pilot and show. The issue of a whole show built around “will they or won’t they” persists though. The concept isn’t as splashy as some others. There’s no denying Winston’s talent as a writer, but I slightly wish they would have gone to pilot with a different of hers this year.

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