The Runway – Your 2017 Pilot Survival Guide: NBC Comedies

 will and grace

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Will & Grace

Logline: Revival of the hit NBC sitcom.
Cast: Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally, Sean Hayes
Creators: David Kohan (W / EP), Max Mutchnik (W / EP), James Burrows (D)
Studios: Universal Television, Broadway Video

I don’t have access to the script, but the idea is a slam dunk. All four leads are still firing on all cylinders -wise, and there’s nothing exactly like it on TV now. Sure, multi-cam has almost become a four letter word, but don’t tell that to the Nielsen families watching Big Bang Theory. Yes, the world has changed, and the gay leads on Will & Grace aren’t as unique as they once were, but you gotta believe this series will still have a huge sampling when it premieres, and continue to draw if the first few episodes are good. Plus, the cast will be great at the upfronts and this should sell overseas well for Universal.
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