The Russo Brothers Set To Adapt Cult Classic “The Warriors” With Paramount And Hulu



It looks like the and are ready to come out and play.

In addition to their responsibilities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Russo brothers have decided to add another adaptation to their plate. The two will work with Paramount and to adapt the 1979 cult classic THE WARRIORS into an hourlong drama.

The original film was directed by Walter Hill and based on the novel by Sol Yurick. The Russo brothers will pay homage to the original tone and feel of the film. They will team with writer Frank Baldwin for the series and are set to direct the pilot.

The story takes place in a gang-ridden City. When a charismatic leader summons all the gangs from the city he is killed during the rally and one of the gangs, the Warriors, is falsely accused for his murder. The Warriors attempt to head home but in order to do so, they must fight through a gauntlet of gangs throughout the city who are out to kill them.

The Russo brothers are still glowing from their box office and critical success of Captain America: Civil War. They are currently working on the two-part MCU epic, Avengers: Infinity War.

They are repped by .

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This news was first reported by Deadline.


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