The Tracking Board’s Daily Debrief (07.31.17)


True LiesParadigm, Bellevue Out With “Father-Daughter Day,” an Action-Comedy Spec In the Vein of “True Lies”

Written by newcomer Josh Hallman, the script follows an uptight father who discovers his reckless daughter is a secret agent. The two find themselves forced to work together as they try to save the world — and their turbulent relationship.

samshepardexcerptFilm and Theater Legend Sam Shepard Dies at 73

The legendary actor, playwright and director was well respected by his peers. Not only did he win a Pulitzer for his play Buried Child, but he received Oscar and Golden Globe nominations as an actor.

valerian excerptBig Budgets, Television, and the New Indie Paradigm

In a landscape where big names rule what was once a way to “break in”, Neil Turitz ponders what it means to be an independent film these days.

More News From Around the Web

  • Fox News anchor Sean Hannity is attached to produce Let There Be Light, a faith-based drama starring Kevin Sorbo set to be released on Oct. 27. The project hails from Atlas Distribution Company. (Variety)

  • Comic series One Piece is in development at Tomorrow Studios as a live action television series. The project was published by Shueisha from author Eiichira Oda. (Deadline)

  • Paperman director John Kahrs has signed on to helm Google Spotlight Stories’ VR project. It’s underway at Chromosphere, a studio in Los Angeles that is headed by Kevin Dart. (Hollywood Reporter)

  • Oscar winner Marlee Matlin has booked a series regular role on Quantico in the upcoming third season. She’ll play Jocelyn Turner, an ex-FBI agent who was known at one time as the best undercover agent in the field until a bomb blew up near her and rendered her deaf. (Variety)

  • Starz is in the works on the half-hour drama Sweetbitter, based on the Stephanie Danler’s best-selling book of the same name. The series hails from Plan B Entertainment and the pilot is developed by Danler and Zicherman. (Deadline)

  • Hartley Sawyer has been tapped to play Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man, in season four of The Flash. The character is an ally of Flash, who is by day a fast-talking private investigator and by night a crime-fighting hero with the ability to stretch his body to any shape or form. (Variety)


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