THE WALKING DEAD Review: “Knots Untie”


The-Walking-Dead-Season-6-Official-PosterAirtime: Sundays at 9pm on AMC
Episode: Season 6, Episode 11 (S06E11)


Tweetable Takeaway: Jesus leads Rick and an away team to his hilltop garden of Barrington on @WalkingDead_AMC

Of all the characters on THE WALKING DEAD to catch baby fever, it’s Abraham Ford that opens his heart when “Knots Untie”. This was a fun episode for the human semi-automatic. He rattled off some dialogue that was both memorable and incomprehensible, but we get it. Love is on Ford’s mind. Clearly, he wants more life out of the apocalypse. We see him flirt with Sasha after a long, hot patrol. You can see he’s hurt when Sasha asks to move to another shift. At the same time, Ford also enjoys time between the sheets with Rosita.

Ford turns to a man much more heroic in the torments of love and asks Glenn about Maggie’s pregnancy. They look forward to the baby, building a family together. It wasn’t just the product of a night of intimate distraction. Ford sees people connecting on a deeper level now and he wants some of that connection too.

Thank God for Jesus.

The Alexandrians need more food. Maggie and Glenn work on the tomato crop, bit it might be too little too late. Many people have died but the survivors are hungry and running low on grub.

Jesus slips out of his knots and escapes his room while Daryl’s on guard duty, without hurting him. He recons the entire Alexandria settlement; personnel, weapons, and food stores. He sneaks into Rick’s house, once he thinks he understands the place, where Carl pulls a gun on him. Daryl, Glenn and others arrive soon after. Jesus has an offer to propose. He tells the group he belongs to a peaceful settlement not far away. They send him out to scout for food and trade partners. He thinks Rick and the Alexandrians would make a good trade relationship. Jesus offers to take a few people to his camp to have a look and determine the possibilities for the rest of the Alexandrians.

Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Glenn, and Maggie take an RV to Jesus’ settlement on the hill. On the way, Jesus spots a car accident and recognizes the victims from his place. Rick helps look for survivors. They find five, including Dr. Harlan, an obstetrician. He’ll come in handy for Maggie and Glenn with a baby on the way.


What would a Jesus stronghold look like?

It’s a nice place, no pearly gates but high walls, FEMA trailers, livestock, and a beautiful historical mansion where some of the people live with their prick leader, Gregory. They have gate guards, but they ran out of ammo a little while back. How can they possibly defend this little piece of heaven with just knives, spears, and smack talk?

Rick sends Maggie to talk trade options with leader Gregory so he doesn’t have to punch the guy in the face. Gregory is a real dick to her, he feels his hill settlement has the upper hand. They have a lot of food and he says he doesn’t need their ammo. He says if the Alexandrians will come and work on his crops, he’ll give them some food. Doesn’t need their ammo, why so confident they won’t be attacked? Jesus has many skills but he’s no miracle worker.

Jesus promises Rick he’ll try to convince Gregory to soften his position on trade. He does have a way with people. Another Hill team returns from a supply drop they make on a regular basis to Negan. You heard that right; they are literally giving their food to someone else on a schedule. Negan is holding one of them, Craig, hostage and he wants more food and supplies than he previously agreed to. Gregory made a deal with Negan to send half their supplies on a regular basis. In return, Negan promised not to attack and kill Gregory’s people. Gifts for the gods, this whole arrangement sounds a bit old testament.

Ethan, the trade team leader, tries to kill Gregory on Negan’s request, hostage Craig is his brother and the settlement’s cook. Gregory is wounded but Dr. Harlan stabilizes him. Negan leads a team he calls the Saviors and Jesus thinks dealing with him is a bad idea. Maggie, armed with this new intelligence, renegotiates with Gregory from a much stronger position. She makes a deal to get half of what they have on hand up front, plus a cow and food later. In return, team Rick will lead a force to rescue Craig and kill Negan and the Saviors for good. Rick takes the Hill team’s main trade supervisor with him to explain Negan’s layout, numbers, and resources. Dr. Harlan gives Maggie an ultrasound.


They are really milking this impending battle with The Saviors.

My guess is Carol will wake form hibernation and play a serious role in the Saviors’ destruction, but when?



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