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Two months after the bloody of last episode enjoys a little fun in “The Next World”. Even a few minutes into this episode I’m thinking, “Wow, someone directed the hell outta this thing.” That somebody is director Kari Skogland. She has an impressive television filmography, which you can find here.

Daryl and Rick enjoy a buddy afternoon.

Dr. Denise and Eugene give Daryl a shopping list of goods to look for as he heads outside the wire on a food scavenging expedition. Rick goes with him; he is relaxed, a cd with his kind of music that Daryl hates. It’s kinda like a mini road trip, a vacation from the zombie apocalypse. Daryl finds a warehouse with Sorghum painted on the roof so he can see it from the road. This is something Eugene asked for to help extend their crops.

They also find a truck full of food and supplies at the unguarded warehouse, unlocked, a complete gift, maybe even too good to be true. They take the truck and move on to a gas station where Daryl spots a soda machine. Denise asked for Soda on Tara’s behalf. This is where things get hinky.


A man named Jesus pops up out of nowhere and grabs Rick. Daryl pulls his gun and Rick pulls away. Jesus doesn’t have any weapons and doesn’t want to go with them either. They let him go, but he creates a distraction with some firecrackers and steals their supply truck. This whole episode is a bit of a diversion. It’s shot and paced to change direction from the heavy drama of previous episodes while still feeling like it belongs in The Walking Dead universe. This is a fantastic example of a bridging episode. It answers very few questions raised last week. The director, Kari Skogland, keeps our attention, entertains, and allows us to catch our breath at the same time.

Rick and Daryl track the truck a few miles down the road. Jesus had to stop and change a tire. They jump him and wrestle the keys back. Jesus uses no weapons but the guy has serious hand-to-hand skills. Eventually, they have to pull their guns on him. They tie him up, wrists and feet, and then leave him on the road as they drive off. Nuff said. As they head down the road, they hear a thumping on the roof; Jesus is up there! Rick hits the breaks and Jesus flies off. Then, he jumps up and takes off into a field. Rick and Daryl give chase, leaving the truck of supplies in park. Rick fights off walkers while Daryl tangles with Jesus. Jesus pulls Daryl’s gun out of his holster, but uses it to save Daryl from a walker. That sounds like something Jesus would do.

They accidentally put the food truck in neutral during the struggle. The door clips Jesus in the head as it slides into the lake and sinks in front of them. Daryl wants to leave Jesus behind, but Rick wants to take him back to Alexandria and have Dr. Denise check out his head bump. Yes, he tried to steal their truck, but he never pulled a weapon on them, and when he had Daryl’s gun, he only used it to save Daryl’s life. This Jesus character operates in mysterious ways.

Carl and Enid explore the woods and make a disturbing discovery.

Michonne spots Spencer walking into the woods, carrying a gun and a shovel. When she catches up to him, Spencer explains he’s just likes taking walks in the woods, but he doesn’t explain the shovel. Sure, it’s kind of guy thing, “Hey honey, I’m taking my gun and shovel for a walk. Do you need anything while I’m out?”

Enid and Carl also head into the woods. She finds a balloon with an unreadable message attached and he finds one of Kirkman’s old Invincible comic . Carl hears Michonne and Spencer go walking by; it kind of ruins the mood with Enid and she decides she doesn’t want to roam the woods anymore. They head home together but come across a walker Carl just won’t walk away from. Enid wants him to kill it, but he doesn’t want to. Carl sends her home alone and leads the walker back to Michonne and Spencer.

The walker is Deanna. Spencer has been her for days and now he has the chance to bury her properly. Michonne helps him, as he kills walker Deanna himself, then buries her. Later, when Michonne asks Carl why he did that, he replies, “It should be someone who loved her, someone who is family.” Carl promises if the time comes, he’ll do it for Michonne. She throws her arms around him. It’s pretty advanced thinking for this world.


What’s that noise downstairs? The age of Richonne is upon us.

Michonne and Rick have a quiet little moment that blooms into some passionate well earned sexy time. Then they wake up, tangled up in each other to the whispery voice of Jesus, calling for Rick to wake up. When Jesus , you know he has something to talk about.

We still haven’t seen Negan, the absentee baddie.

We’ve heard about him. Daryl blew up his motorcycle scout gang with a rocket. Hopefully, we’ll get a look at him soon.



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