THE WALKING DEAD Review: “The Same Boat”


The-Walking-Dead-Season-6-Official-PosterAirtime: Sundays at 9pm on AMC
Episode: Season 6, Episode 13 (S06E13)


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shows us just how different life can be for people stuck in The Same Boat. Carol and Maggie meet Paula and Chelle, two women from the savior’s group that represent slightly different reflections, or possible futures, of themselves. Paula lost her humanity after killing a dozen or so people to stay alive. Chelle changed for the worse after losing her baby; a risk that quietly stresses Maggie. This was another great episode packed with as many emotionally charged touchy-feely beats as action charged fighting-biting beats.

Captured, yes. Prisoners, no.

One of the Savior’s, Paula, takes Maggie and Carol prisoner after Carol shoots Donnie, a member of their team. Rick has Primo, a captured Savior. He offers a trade, but Paula doesn’t accept at first. She takes Maggie and Carol on a long drive to a hidden safe house. It’s a ridiculous notion that anyplace you hold Carol or Maggie against their will is safe.

Paula locks them in a room with the wounded Donnie, still very upset that Carol shot him in the woods. They’re all under the impression that Carol missed the head-shot, but she didn’t, she winged him on purpose. Paula leaves them taped up while she clears walkers from the hallway. Carol swipes a rosary from a corpse and uses it to build an escape.


First, Carol hyperventilates and gets her gags removed. Molly sees she’s grabbing at her pocket and allows her to hold the rosary. She writes Carol off as some weakling, hoping prayer will set her free. Paula thinks she’s in charge. She questions and taunts Maggie and Carol about their resolve. Donnie wants to kill them on the spot, but he needs Primo for medical help. Paula plans on using Carol and Maggie to get Primo back.

Carol tells them Maggie is pregnant and Rick will wants them back safe. Paula reminds Donnie their scout team is just thirty minutes out. She knows they will never make the trade but Paula wants Carol and Maggie for insurance.

Maggie promises Donnie won’t last thirty minutes. Paula needs to make a deal with Rick now. Donnie attacks Paula for control of the prisoners. Maggie and Carol help as best they can with their hands taped up. Donnie turns all his anger to stomping on Carol when Paula knocks him out. Chelle takes Maggie into another room to question for information.

Chelle wants to know where Maggie and Carol are staying. She knows it must be nice; they are clean and have time to make babies. Chelle had a finger cut off for stealing gas from the safe house to search for her boyfriend. She found him, but he was blown up. She didn’t care much for the boyfriend but she also lost a child. Her line of questioning is all about Maggie’s community in Alexandria. Paula thinks Carol is weak. She says she “sees her” but we know it’s really the other way around. She only sees what carol wants her to see. Carol is taped up but it’s Paula in the trap.

Rick asks for the exchange.

Rick calls out to Paula on her radio, he wants to make the trade. Maggie and Carol for Primo plus they all get to ride away with their lives. Paula thinks Rick’s team is closer than he represents. She suspects he’s planning an ambush the second they open the doors. She asks Carol why they attacked the stronghold. Carol explains it was because Daryl’s group was ambushed on the road by Negan’s motorcycle patrol. Molly chimes in, “T’s group, those idiots, probably put on a big show.” Carol says they were afraid Negan would send more attack teams. Molly tells her, “We are all Negan,” but she does not explain what that means. Negan is like the “W” from last season. They’re holding on to this reveal as long as they can.

Paula tells her sad sack back-story which explains how about how she became so hard. Carol comments that Paula is just afraid to die and if she doesn’t make the deal with Rick, she will. Carol tells her she hopes she won’t be the one to kill her. You can guess how that turns out.

Paula agrees to exchange the hostages with Rick in an open field. Her scout crew says they’ll arrive in two minutes but Paula thinks Rick is much closer than he would admit and leaves Carol to set traps.


The Escape.

Carol uses the crucifix to cut through tape on her hands and Maggie uses a pipe to free herself. Carol just wants to escape, but Maggie demands they stay and finish it. They rope Donnie close to the door when he turns full walker. The trap catches Molly when she opens and walks right into his toxic bite. She kills him but Maggie knocks her down and crushes her skull.

Carol and Maggie run into the walker obstacle trap Paula made for them in the hall. Paula opens fire when she catches up but doesn’t hit anyone. Chelle arrives and takes on Maggie, one on one. She slashes at Maggie’s belly, but Carol arrives in the nick of time and shoots Chelle in the head. Maggie has a moment when she realizes how close she came to losing her child.

Carol tells Paula she should just run, but Paula won’t go. Carol shoots Paula, but that doesn’t stop her or her mouthy taunts. She knocks the gun out of Carol’s hand and they fight briefly, then Carol swings Paula onto one of the spikes. Bitten by her own trap. When the scout team calls out to Paula on the radio, Carol answers. They trap the scout team on the kill floor and set them on fire. Carol confesses she should have just killed Donnie in the woods. She had a clean shot and could have avoided all of this.


Glenn, Rick, Daryl, and Fr. Gabriel arrive in time to take Maggie and Carol home. Rick questions Primo one last time about Negan and asks him how he got Daryl’s bike. Primo says he found the bike and says he is Negan. Rick executes him. If there is one real Negan out there, he’s gonna have quite the score to settle. So far it’s team Rick 40, Negan 0.



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