THE WALKING DEAD Review: “Twice As Far”


Airtime: Sundays at 9pm on AMC
Episode: Season 6, Episode 13 (S06E13)


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Dr. Denise and Eugene look “Twice as Far” down the road to escape . The Alexandrians go about their daily business as if there isn’t a homicidal threat stalking and waiting to devour their lives. Carol and Tobin settle into a relationship. It’s great to see her on the dawn of happier times. Morgan completes his Jail. He tells Rick the jail gives them another option other than execution. Daryl wonders if he should have killed the couple from the woods that took his crossbow while he checks the condition of his recently retrieved bike.

Eugene on patrol.

It amazes me how rich this show is in character and deep in cast. This week Eugene thinks he’s ready to contribute more to the security and patrol rotation. He heads outside the wire with Abe Ford to prove he has survival skills, but he has a bigger plan in mind. Eugene leads them to a small ironworks. He plans to clean it up and start making ammunition for the Alexandrians and the Hilltop colony. At the workshop, he calls dibs on a walker, but Ford completes the when Eugene has trouble getting it done. Eugene gets pissed and tells Ford he is no longer useful. Ford walks away and lets him find his own way home, if he can. This sounds like trouble, right?


Denise gets the point.

Denise also thinks she’s learned enough in weapons class to outside Alexandria. She’s a smart, capable woman, with eyes on the future. There is a drugstore she thinks might have stock they need, but Rosita doesn’t think she’s ready for the trip. Daryl is available and drives them out. Daryl has many talents but driving a truck isn’t one of them. He grinds the gears for a few miles, but they come to a road obstruction and end up going the rest of the way on foot. Daryl is a lot of fun when he’s featured, a huge fan favorite. He’s even more powerful in these little supporting, reflecting roles.

He leads Denise and Rosita to the mall where he breaks into the drugstore. It’s a miracle find, the shelves are fully stocked, no weird traps. Denise has a list, but Daryl and Rosita grab everything. A walker she finds in the drug-store stock room freaks out Denise, it looks like someone drowned his child to keep it quiet. Signs of inhumanity weren’t covered in weapons class. After they load up, Rosita comments that she warned Denise she wasn’t ready to go outside the walls, but she did good finding the place. Drugs aren’t just helpful to the sick, they’re currency and trade.

Remember Dwight?

On the way home, Denise stops to lecture them about the importance of getting over fears. She feels bad she didn’t tell Tara she loved her. She doesn’t understand why Rosita and Daryl, so brave and skilled, have problems relating to others. Then, she gets killed just as she makes her point. Dwight, the guy who stole Daryl’s bike, attacks with a platoon of armed goons. He already holds Eugene hostage and puts him on his knees. Dwight monologues and disarms Daryl and Rosita. He demands they lead his group back to Alexandria so they can help themselves to supplies and personnel.

Eugene sees Abe Ford moving for position in the woods. He creates a distraction by biting down hard on Dwight’s unit. Ford opens fire when I let out a horrible scream (Dwight Screams too). Daryl and Rosita use the distraction to grabs their weapons and the three of them shoot a bunch of Dwight’s team as he continues to howl. Eventually, he pushes Eugene off and orders his team to retreat.


Carol Splits.

Dwight fires a couple angry rounds at Eugene before he hobbles off to be the secret joke at his camp. Daryl gets Eugene back and Rosita patches his graze. Daryl and Carol bury Denise. Carol realizes he should have killed the couple (Dwight) from the woods. She doesn’t want to kill any more people, but she knows she would to protect those she loves. She leaves Tobin a break-up letter and heads out alone. I’ve never done the calculation, but I’m sure Carol has had to deal with more personal death and hard choices than Rick. Morgan gets it.

Only two episodes left to season six and there are a lot of people we care about roaming the streets while Negan looks to settle score. Big action and tragedy awaits.



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