The Winners Unmasked – The Tracking Board’s Third Annual Halloween Logline Contest!


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Halloween is nearly upon us… but before you get your trick-or-treating on, we have a treat for you! It’s time to reveal the winner of our third annual Halloween logline contest! You sent us your darkest, dreariest, and most diabolical loglines that either delighted or disturbed us.

We received a pumpkin patch full of entries this year, and with so many spooky loglines, narrowing them down was a truly terrifying task. Yet somehow, we emerged from the shadows to unmask our winners and runner ups!

1st RUNNER UP: (receiving a one-month extension on their current subscription)

“A paranoid dogcatcher picks up a string of lost pets wearing tags that are each addressed to the location of a murder victim.”
— Submitted by Nick Everhart

2nd RUNNER UP: (receiving a one-month extension on their current subscription)

“On his first housecall, a psychologist is forced to council a husband and wife who are possessed by quarreling demonic spirits.”
— Submitted by Chris Drzewiecki

And the winner this year is…Christopher Mueller

THE WINNING LOGLINE (receiving a box set of the complete Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-ray Collection and a one-month extension on their current subscription)

October 31 _ 6PM(1)

Thanks to all who submitted! And hey, now that you’ve written these amazing loglines, why not get started on a great script? Happy Halloween!


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