{Things We Love} A Supercut To Celebrate Rex Manning Day


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 2.33.30 PM

It’s April 8th. Do you know what that means? Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is Rex Manning Day. Now, for some people in SnapChat generation, this may not mean anything, but to those who were teens in the ’90s and hipsters who are obsessed with ’90s, there was a movie called Empire Records. It told the story of a bunch of eccentric post-Kurt Cobain grunge-era punk kids working at an independent record store (remember those?) that was on the verge of closing. But in the end, they pulled together and did their best to raise money to save their music haven. If you haven’t watched this cult classic, do yourself a favor and watch it. Now.

The movie starred an impressive cast of actors before they hit it big, including , , , , and … but who the hell is Rex Manning?

During the movie, the staff is awaiting the arrival of Rex Manning (played by ), an arrogant, Fabio-esque pop star that is set to do an autograph signing at their store — a sign of a corporate takeover. The date that he came to the store was April 8. Henceforth, that day was known as “Rex Manning Day”.

So how do you celebrate this glorious day? Well, for one, you can have a Empire Records viewing party. Or if you prefer, you can just watch this supercut of the finely coiffed, purple silk shirt-wearing pop phenomenon.


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