{Things We Love} A Well-Deserved Tribute To The Mind-Blowing Indie Films Of A24


Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.42.47 PM

A24 has released some of the most inventive, provocative, risky and genre-driven films to date — and they have only been around since 2013! They gave of us last year’s tear-jerking drama Room which earned Brie Larson an Academy Award and introduced us to the adorable little man known as Jacob Tremblay. And even before that, A24 has cranked out a string of impressive, quality features including the conceptual mind-bending sci-fi Under the Skin with Scarlett Johansson, the controversial and under-appreciated Jenny Slate comedy, Obvious Child, the outstanding Ex Machina, the Oscar winning doc Amy as well as a long list of indie hits that include The Spectacular Now, Spring Breakers, The End of Tour, A Most Violent Year, and the upcoming Green Room. In less than five years, A24 has made a name for itself as a purveyor of distinct cinematic style and has released nearly 50 films — and Fernando Andres made this amazing video of some of them in this supercut titled A24: Films of a Revolution.


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