{Things We Love} Meghan Trainor With A Dash Of Snow From Fullscreen’s Katie Wilson


Game Of Thrones sixth season is finally premiering and many fans are hoping it will answer the biggest question from last spring’s finale: Is Jon Snow really dead? Thrones killing off fan-favorite characters has always been one of its signature moves, but last season had Jon Snow dying at the hands of the Nights Watch, his comrades, and many fans are refusing to give up hope that Kit Harrington and his character will return as one of the series’ leading men. 

YouTube personality and co-host of Fullscreen’s upcoming series Kingdom Geek, Katie Wilson, is certain the character lives and believes Meghan Trainor’s song “No” goes perfectly with a dash of Snow! As seen in today’s Things We Love, Wilson is not letting Snow go and neither should any of us Thrones fans. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Weiss and Benioff will clue us in this Sunday on HBO.

Wilson’s new series Kingdom Geek launches on Fullscreen on April 26. 


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