{Things We Love} Remembering Prince: 10 Memorable Movie And TV Moments From The Beautiful One



The world was blindsided with the news of the death of Prince on Thursday. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and newsfeeds were flooded with messages and condolences over the loss of the 57-year-old innovative music icon, legend and purveyor of all that is awesome. The Great Purple One not only revolutionized and changed the music industry from the very beginning of his , but he also blessed the film and industry with his God-like presence and talent. Here are just some of his memorable movie and television moments.


Prince is Jess’s therapist on New Girl

Prince made a cameo on Fox’s New Girl to help Jess with Nick saying “I love you” and her inability to say it. After the two met him out of the blue (with the best freak out scene imaginable), he became a therapist to the adorakable Jess and helped her work through her issues with the L-word.


Jamie Foxx models Butt Out jeans on In Living Color

Prince was known for being fearless and taking provocative fashion risks that would later pave the way for others to copy. In 1991, the time of Prince’s super-sexually charged New Power Generation era, donned a pair of assless pants at the MTV Video Music Awards which prompted the Wayans Dynasty’s classic comedy show, In Living Color, to create a hilarious sketch with pre-Academy Award winning Jamie Foxx playing Prince in a pair of Butt Out jeans. I think the sketch explains itself.


Super Bowl XLI

During Super Bowl XLI (or 41 for those of you who are like me and have a hard time deciphering Roman Numerals), Prince was the halftime performer and during his brilliant performance of “Purple Rain”, it rained. It couldn’t be any more poetic.


Charlie Murphy shares his encounter with Prince on Chapelle’s Show

Dave Chapelle’s comedy show may seem like it was poking fun at Prince, but it actually honored him and showed how much of a badass he was — blouse and all. This sketch featuring Charlie Murphy telling a story about an encounter with Prince (Chapelle) will go down as one of the best in comedy history. Prince proved that he had a sense of humor about the whole thing by using it as inspiration for the cover of his single, “Breakfast Can Wait.”


Grafitti Bridge

A sequel to another movie which I will talk about later, Graffiti Bridge was the rock musical that had Prince written all over it.


Under The Cherry Moon

This 1986 film wasn’t necessarily a hit, but like everything Prince did, it was beautiful to look at and gave us an earful of that Prince sound we will worship till the day is done.


“Batdance” from Batman

Tim Burton’s iteration of Batman, starring Michael Keaton as the Caped Crusader, was the first comic book movie to have a dominant in presence in Hollywood — with a soundtrack featuring Prince. “Batdance,” part dance track and part an experimental piece of music, was odd to say the least, but seeing Prince break it down in a half Batman/half Joker costume in the video made it worthwhile.


The Girl 6 soundtrack

It was only appropriate that Prince would collaborate with director Spike Lee on Girl 6, a movie about a phone sex operator. He gave the movie the soulful sexual body that only his music could provide.


Julia Roberts sings “Kiss” in Pretty Woman

This scene from the hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold classic is a classic, and it doesn’t hurt that Prince was involved.


Purple Rain

The movie may not have been the best, but who cares? Every single song from this movie and album is quintessential Prince. It’s brilliant, iconic and made us all want to bathe in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.


Honorable Mention: “Darling Nikki”

I’m posting this video because it is one of my favorite songs/moments from Purple Rain. It’s such a vindictive part of the movie and the song is so nasty, seductive, provocative and just shows that Prince can slay anything.

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