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It’s the penultimate episode of , and the mood already feels darker, if that’s possible. Ivy’s family splinters under pressure, while Merchant and Carne examine a body found in the kidnapper’s basement – cold hard evidence that Ivy has been lying all along.

There’s a weird dynamic at House Moxam, with Christine and Angus MIA, Emma giving Craig the silent treatment and Ivy giving Emma the silent treatment. Ivy is curious about Christine’s whereabouts, but luckily we don’t have to be; she’s off seeking the comfort of her old friend/friend with benefits, Henry Stone.

Meanwhile, Merchant has always been a little too invested in proving Ivy wrong, but she’s practically beaming as she shows Carne the decaying body of Dylan White, which was found in the basement where Ivy was held. For his part, Carne is fresh off a lecture for staying the night at Ivy’s house (no, nothing like THAT), and this discovery is just the last straw. “Everything she’s told us was a lie,” he says.


Ivy reconnects with her old friend Eloise, but their bliss is interrupted when Carne and Merchant arrive and take Ivy into custody. The news shocks her family, friends, but Ivy herself is confused. “Is this because I asked you to stay the night?” she says to Elliot, producing a look from Carne that could freeze fire. It’s a love triangle, but it will forever be the weirdest.

On the other side of the spectrum, Ivy’s interrogation scene is riveting. Merchant and Carne reveal that they’ve found Dylan’s body, which sends Ivy into a panic, then a stubborn silence. For once Merchant plays the good cop, gently warning that if she doesn’t answer their questions, Ivy will go to prison for obstruction of justice. Even worse, a forensics report shows only Ivy’s DNA on the body, so she could go to prison for murder as well.

With the situation at an impasse, there’s only one person left who can reach Ivy: her mom. I haven’t said much about the actors, but Jodie Comer and Natasha Little deserve all the kudos for pulling off one of the most moving moments of the series, as Ivy finally breaks down and tells the truth about her captivity. Mark White’s younger brother Dylan was her friend, but the one time she tried to escape, White beat Dylan to death. Her admission is enough to win over Merchant and Carne, though the two detectives find their own relationship strained. In other news, the love triangle is definitely over, as both Merchant and Ivy give Elliot the cold shoulder.

Back at home, Ivy, Emma and Christine welcome Angus back into the family. In the distance though is Henry Stone, arriving just a little too late with a bouquet of flowers for Christine. Love must be in the air, as Tim also comes to stand outside Ivy’s window ala Romeo. The two exes finally reconnect, as do Angus and Christine, after Christine admits she had an affair the day Ivy went missing. The only odd one out is Emma, who returns home to find Craig’s closet empty – he’s gone for good.


Even with the relationship drama back on track, they’ve still got a kidnapper, now alleged murderer to catch. Disturbingly enough, White comes looking on his own, calling up the police station and demanding to speak to Ivy. She’s rushed over with a prepared script, Carne and Merchant at her side. White calls again with an ultimatum that derails their well laid plans – Ivy must meet him, alone, or he’ll kill Phoebe Tarl. Everyone in Ivy’s life is finally on her side, but they may be about to lose her.




Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)
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