This Delightful Wes Anderson Short for H&M Will Put You into the Holiday Spirit (Things We Love)


wes anderson hmH&M

has returned to advertising to direct a Christmas-themed commercial for clothing retailer H&M. The ad features the quirky filmmaker’s distinct style and flair from the camerawork to idiosyncratic background details to recurring Anderson collaborator Adrien Brody in the starring role.

Brody stars as Conductor Ralph, a train conductor who must inform his passengers that inclement weather and mechanical difficulties will delay their travels 11 hours. In order to salvage the holiday for his passengers (and himself), Conductor Ralph invites the occupants of the train to a festively decorated brunch including “chocolate flavored hot beverage with whipped topping.”

It has been a few years since Anderson’s last feature, The Grand Budapest Hotel, came out so this short advertisement is a real treat for anyone needing to wet their Wes whistle.


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