“This Is Us” EP: Expect “Big Whoppers of Plot Twists” Even After Jack Mystery Is Solved


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Don’t worry, fans, there will still be plenty to speculate about once the show solves its big Jack death mystery.

“There’s stuff coming,” Fogelman told a group of reporters following the show’s panel at the Critics’ Association’s summer press tour Thursday. “Obviously we were all borne with the Jack mystery when we came to the show. Whether anything holds up to that level of intrigue and mystery is not for me to say. Bu we have some big whoppers of plot twists and things coming that will take people’s feet out from under them. They’ve been long planned since the beginning days of the pilot. And I think we’re going to do that thing again, where we get people talking about something else.”

During the show’s panel, Fogelman revealed Season 2 will have all the answers on how Jack (Milo Venigmilia) died, which has been the central mystery of the show since the beginning.

This Is Us was renewed for two seasons and Fogelman also said he and the are already planning out future seasons.

“We talk big picture of both seasons and beyond,” he said. “When we talk about things, a big storyline or a big arc, we say, ‘Is that for now?’ Even if it’s a really exciting story and we want to go write that and put it on right now, we also go, ‘man it would be great to do that in Season 4 of Season 5.’ As hard as it is to sit on that storyline, it makes more sense when the family’s at this stage or that time.”

This Is Us returns to NBC on Tuesday, September 26 at 9 p.m.

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